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Hi I'm Kent Lloyd

I'm an Advertising student. I'm a Stuntman & Dance Choreographer. I'm in a Improv Comedian. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I started dancing when I was 13 with clogging, then I got into ballroom, then modern dance, then hip hop. I love the way that dancing feels. When the music is on and you're dancing your fullest, you feel like you can extend yourself all the way to heaven, that your reach actually goes further than your fingertips and pointed toes. When I dance, I feel happy because I know that I'm doing what God wants me to do, which is developing my talents. When I was in high school I got into acting. I especially fell in love with Shakespeare! It's the best. With all of that came the physical aspect of fighting. I've always played with sticks with my brothers, but now I got to do it to entertain people! Through time I've studied mixed martial arts, sword play, knife fighting, gun techniques; you name it, I've studied it and put it to use. To me it's like a giant puzzle. You have two different characters with different backgrounds. They will both use different techniques to get to the end result, but it's the joy of mixing them together that produces aesthetic beauty to the audience. It's a lot of fun. To me improv comedy is just another way to make people laugh. I love seeing people having a good time. If I can leave a room knowing that someone else has a smile on their face because of something I did, I'm happy. It keeps me on my toes and because of it I'm always trying to stay on top of being informed about the news and culture.

Why I am a Mormon

There were times as a teen that I was ready to give up and leave the church. In fact I was so ready that one day, when I was 17, I prayed to God and told him. I asked him to give me an answer as I went to church that day. So, I went to church. I felt the Spirit very strongly that day. The Lord knew where I was in life, and that I needed help. When I prayed, I exercised my faith in Him. He answered. That answer was that I was exactly where I needed to be. After I had graduated, my life fell apart. My dad was unemployed for 13 months throughout my first year of college and I started putting a lot of pressure on myself to be self sufficient. I didn't turn in prayer to my Heavenly Father like I had when I was 17. I tried to be my own person and forget everyone else. In time, things for me just got rough. I was very successful, but I was also very unhappy. I talked to a friend who before his mission he was lazy and after he was the happy go lucky guy that made you smile after 5 seconds of being around him. I asked him what made the difference on his mission. He told me it was giving his life to Christ. So I tried it for myself. The Spirit witnessed to me personally that Christ lived, and that He loved me. The more I came to realize this for myself, the more I wanted to live the way He taught. So I try my hardest everyday. The more I try, the happier I become. He loves us and wants us to come back to our Heavenly Father.

How I live my faith

I am married and living in a student congregation at Brigham Young University. I currently serve in the ward teaching the men how to be better husbands and fathers through gospel principles about once a month in a weekly meeting that we have called "Elders Quorum." Better than that, I find that serving and loving those around me makes a bigger difference in living the gospel than anything else. Being someone's friend is the best way to be like Christ. The more people we pull closer to us and lift them up, the better. It's a two way thing too. You may think that you are pulling them up, but in reality, sometimes they are pushing you up just as much. I write, produce, and edit action films that usually hit on a principle of the gospel that everyone can relate to in one way or another. Currently I'm working on one that emphasizes the importance of families and the example that we can set for them by being true to who we are in the workplace, in the home, and in public. I hope other people can take a moment to hear God's word through art in whatever form it may be in.