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Hi I'm Chase Heap

I am a dentist from Bozeman Montana . Father of three and married to my wife for years.

About Me

I come from a four generation family of cheesemakers and am the first one to break out and try something new in the profession of dentistry. I have a beautiful and patient wife who I've been married to for eight years. I have three active and wonderful children who bring me a joy that I never knew existed. I feel like I am a normal person with normal intrests. I like all the classic 'guy' stuff like sports, cars, technic lego building, fishing, outdoor stuff. I am also coming into middle age by adding new hobbies like reading, exercising, and cooking. I also love to eat (which is why I am exercising more!).

Why I am a Mormon

I have grown up a member of the LDS chruch and could say that I am a Mormon because my family has been since the mid 1800's. There was a time when I had let go of the support that my parents' faith gave me and became very inquisitive about whether this church was what it claims to be. I objectively searched and investigated the story of Joseph Smith and found it to be sincere. I found it interesting that he had the simple faith as a 14 year old boy to ask God in a prayer where the truth was. I thought that if God answered his prayer that he would answer mine. So I prayed and asked for an answer whether I have been brought up in a faith that has been merely a family tradition or if it is really what it claims to be. I will be honest and say that the answer did not come easy and I started to feel like it all was not true. However I learned that this time period of not receiving an answer was a time of testing for me to really value the answer that I was to receive. Now I know independently of any other source that this church has the authority, revelation, and prophets given from God to help His children return to him. This answer has come from study but it's not like finding the answer in a book. It is communicated through the feelings of the Holy Ghost. While that may sound very subjective it is the way that God reveals the truth to His children. I wish that others could know how I know but it cant just be given without effort and humility.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by studying the life of Christ and His gospel. I then try my best to treat everyone who I come in contact with as He would treat them. I strive to forgive and be the best example I can of The Savior. To remind me of this I go to church meetings, classes, and study the gospel on a daily basis. I serve in our congregation as a teacher for the men's priesthood class. We discuss how to apply the teachings of Christ in modern times and how to be better husbands, fathers, and members of the community. I try to answer questions about our church to those who ask and try to be as open as I can.

What do Mormons believe concerning the doctrine of grace?

Chase Heap
I feel like there is a misunderstanding about our view on grace. I was a person who took a hard line on this and thought that I had to "earn" my way to heaven through my works (a.k.a. obedience to all the commandments). Coming to Christ and seeking for His grace has to be the only way to return back home. Despite all of my efforts to be perfect I will fall short and there will be a disparity between who I am and the type of person that I am required to be to feel comfortable in the presence of God. The grace that Christ provided through His sacrifice in the garden of Gethsemane and on the cross of Calvary makes up that disparity. I think that there is the potential to misinterpret the implications of this doctrine and not put forth any effort at all when it comes to keeping the commandments. It is never my place to judge whether someone is putting forth enough effort to repent and change but there is guidance from both the scriptures and the Holy Spirit that will confirm whether our lives are in alignment with the will of God. Show more Show less