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Hi I'm Dustin

I'm a convert. I'm an artist. I'm preparing to serve a mission. And I'm a Mormon

About Me

I'm a 22 year old convert to the church. I got baptized on July 23, 2011. I'm preparing to go serve a mission for the Church in Billings, Montana. This has been a time in my life that I've been working towards since I started going to church and learning about our Saviors love for me. I was lost but then I was found. Cliche, probably but oh, so true. I was lost and needed someone to help bring me out of the darkness and come to know my Savior. When I started investigating the church I thought, 'if this is to be true, I want to be a missionary so I can help someone who was just like me.' After a year of learning, feeling the love of God and of our Savior, Jesus Christ, I came to know that this was the true church; that this was the church that Christ, Himself, lead while on this earth. I'm grateful for the opportunity to reach out to those who think they are too lost or broken to be saved. But I can promise you, there is nothing that the atonement cannot help mend. He knows exactly how you feel and exactly what you are going through, that is why He suffered and died for us, is so He can always reassure you and say, 'I'm here.' I know He lived and died for us. I know, after a lot of studying and prayer, that Joseph Smith was a prophet, and the one that restored His church in these latter-days. You can know this to, all you had to do is ask and pray with a sincere heart.

Why I am a Mormon

Before joining the Church I was lost and kind of going no where. I wasn't happy with the way I was living and what I was doing. I needed a change. I was raised to believe in God and Christ but I never had a relationship with them. As I grew older, I became more aware of that spiritual void in my life. In my senior year of high school there was a girl that I knew who was Mormon so I thought I would befriend her to learn a little bit more of something I knew nothing about. All other Christian sects just didn't feel right to me, so I wanted to learn about the only one that I knew nothing about. She began telling me about the basics and I could see the joy that it brought to her, that was something that I wanted in my life. You could see the way this gospel in her life made her one of the happiest, brightest, cheeriest, people I've ever known. She said I could have it to if I read the Book of Mormon, attended church, and prayed to know if it was true. It seemed easy enough. I started out by going to church with her and her family. The moment I walked in, I felt His love and the love of the people. It was so warm and welcome, you could feel the Spirit radiating through all the members! Then I she got me a Book of Mormon. Marked a few starter scriptures and then told me to do the same. It too me a year to finish reading the Book of Mormon, go through trials and struggles to know that this church was true. It didn't happen over night, and I was stubborn in coming to the knowledge and truth. But I DID want it to be true and I think that was the biggest difference. I felt this way half through my reading when I was reading in Alma 32, you should check it out. But as soon as I read it, and knowing the desires of my heart, I knew that this was the church of Jesus Christ restored in these latter-days.

How I live my faith

I live my faith now by deciding to serve a two year mission away from home. I'm going to be a missionary, just like one of the ones who taught me and I feel like that is the best way to give back. The best way I can describe it is this: We are all like ship captains, traveling the sea of life. At the shore we have a lighthouse, our Savior who is always going to direct us home. Scriptures, teaching of the prophets, those are our maps. The Spirit is like a magical compass, keep us going the right way and warns us when we're in trouble. Some of us get lost in the fog and darkness and start getting tossed about in the waves. Face storms and we started to drown, so much so we lose sight of our lighthouse. Now all of us captains can help those in need through out our travels, but there's a certain few who become rescuers (missionaries) and dedicate a time in life to help those who aren't faring well. They go out to help those lost and stuck in storms how to follow their map, use their compass, and regain sight of the lighthouse so they can always come back to shore. Shore is church, we go back to rest, REALLY rest, restock our supplies (take part of the sacrament) and prepare for more exploring and traveling. I'm sure you've heard, "a ship is safest in the harbor but that's not what is a ship is for." And, "smooth sailing never made for a skilled captain." well that's why I like thinking about life this way. We have to wander, we have to explore and gain experience. We have to be tried and tested to prove that one day we are worth to rest from our travels and settle into the beautiful glory of God that He has built inland. We're all going to be tossed about and take on water and start to sink. But as long as we use or maps, follow our compass, and always keep focused on our lighthouse and never lose sight, we can be worthy of that glory. That's why I want to be a rescue ship.

How can I know Mormonism is true?

This is some thing I hold dear to my heart. This is how I was, not want to know how to know if it's true or not but just wanting to believe that it IS! The best way is to pray, but get your hands on a Book of Mormon, there's many ways to do that. Study it, not like for a test, but just with a sincere heart, really try and take in what you're reading and really thinking about it before, during, and after you read, THEN pray about it, pray to know that what you read is true or could be true or about the church. However you want. Just have a sincere heart. Don't approach it trying to prove it wrong or say, "if I don't get this kind of answer with this grand answer, it can't be true!" Be realistic. It takes time and patients. My suggestion, read Alma 32, it's all about what faith is and how to know and find out what is true. Show more Show less