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Hi I'm Alison

I am currently learning how to be a social Worker, I am living on my own and I am a mormon.

About Me

I am the eldest of my family and before becoming a mormon I was cristened as a child in the Catholic Faith. I currently have a godmother I speak to very often, even though our faiths are very different. This has not changed her love for me, which gives me strength and hope everyday that my family can still function as a social unit, even though we are not united in our faith. I believe that religeon is a matter of choice, and that every individual must make religeous decisions for themselves. Currently i am attending university, taking a diploma program in the field of social work. A number of reasons promted my scholastic decision, but the main reason is my desier to awake others to the fact that they can provide for themselves emotionally and physically. Anyone can be successful. There are many people in this world who believe the opposite.They believe that somehow economic difficulties, mental disorders, and crooked lifestyle affect an individuals self worth; and that these individuals are not allowed to have the same self respect as everybody else. This is a mental trap that prevents us from even trying to understand each other's differences. I want to create permenant change, in that people can look beyond themselves and assist in the making of a better world.

Why I am a Mormon

My mother was the first person I discovered the gospel with, and we both later became converts. I will not go into detail about the controversy that very soon came to follow within my family; nonetheless it was heartbraking. I feel like all christians around the world not excluding all other faiths can identify with me when I say religeon is a touchy subject. It tears us apart at times. However, I believe in my god, and his ability to bring my family together one day. I am not looking for a sign or anything, i just want the world to cooperate for a change. Maybe one day, we can look at each other as human beings despite religeon, race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. As a mormon, I wish to bear my testimony that I know god lives. I know he loves us. I know that Christ's Church has been once again restored to the earth, and that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God. I have read his words and know they are as true as the Book of Mormon. I beleive that Christ will come again. In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

How I live my faith

I am a community representitives for my church group. I help organize food drives and trips to shelters. My job is not to gain personal satisfaction. What is satisfying about seeing others in pain? Nothing. I believe you should never be 'satisfied' with your contribution to community problems and world crisis. There is always something to give no matter who you are. This may seem like kind of extreme statement, but I believe its true. I also try to participate in family activities as much as possible. Even though I do not live with my family, there is still a part for me to play within it. I am a Sister, a Daughter, and a friend. I have no reason to let those roles be played by anyone else but me. However, previous contention in my family has often made an attack on my beliefs and religeous affiliation. To be honest, it would be much easier for alot of my family if I had always been Catholic. There would not be religeous division. But the church is true. Even if others don't understand my faith, I have to be true to my god. There is no other way of life for me.