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Hi I'm Cosmic Kinni

I grew all over I am a convert to the church. I have a Very strong testimony of Joseph Smith and The Plan of Salvation.

About Me

I am in a wheelchair, live in nursing home trying to get to assisted living. I have Temple Recommend. My hobbies revolve around serving others like crocheting I love to make things so I devolpe patterns for the women in the nursing home last year i Knitted over 300 hats for the childerns hosp. and the homeless. I love kids I am not married never served mission but dream of one day being able to. I love to sew. One year I made a bunch of wheelchair and walker bags for the patients. I am not a professional semestress. I love to listen Christian music station for they clean and uplifting no fowl words and are always postive. It was purely by chance that I became a Mormon they had all my info wrong but I had soft inkling to go out and check the mail and there they were. In suits and ties in 112 degrees I invited them in after a year and alot of praying and listening to the wholy ghost I became Baptized. You must pray and ask for yourself and listen carefully for the book of mormon doesn't lie and Jesus and Heavenly Father doesn't lie he will answer if you are sincre have a contrite heart, humble and be pure intent. I have this testimony.

Why I am a Mormon

I am Mormon because I have a strong testomony of the church. If it wasn't for the church and the Priest Hood holders I would not be alive today. The blessing when Heavenly Father Restored the Priest Hood was a great blessing to this earth. The power and healing it holds is unbelieveable. I know the Doctors can't explain why Ihave recovered but I know it was due to the blessing I recieved from my priest hood holder the second counsler. The plan of salvation is remarkable to know that God knew us from before and that we choosen to come here to have mortal bodyso we can return to heavenly father to be like him having a god hood just blew me away.To know I will be able to see my mother and be w/ her and brother again forever if I finish the race and continue to repent and live worthy. To have a living Prophet to guide us how awesome is that. What a loving creator to think of us in these last days so that he can save as many as possible that are willing to listen and heede his word. I never thought I would be LDS but I am sure Glad I went out there that day and met the missionaries and took the Book of Mormon Because Iwould've of not been so happy of where I had become of daughter of god today

How I live my faith

I study every morning and night. I start w/ a prayer for understanding and help to apply the knowledge I just learn into my life. I am always looking for someone in the nursing home that may need socks or slippers or a hat so I can make it for them. I often will go and read scriptures to the older ones who have lost there sight. I find the lonely ones and take them out for a walk. I love to make smoothies for the different ones. I do indexing and geneology work. I help some of the women with there hair and makeup. I often will draw a pic for a person w/o them knowing about it and then I won't sign it keeping it a seceret all the way. I write there poems and cards I show them how to scrapbook and set them up w/ a starter and will often take pics for them and devolp them. let them use my cricuit and supplies it is a blast when you put yourself last and just help people and see there story see there history you get too see america a little bit at a time.

What blessings can we receive through the gift of the Holy Ghost?

Cosmic Kinni
The gift Holy is given to you after you been confirmed a member of the church. You may have felt at times but to have it with all the time you need to be baptized and confirmed by priest hood hokder for only he has the key to give it to you. The holy ghost is important it will guide you warn you comfort you.It will do all this by still small voice so you need to listen close sit quietly no loud music or distraction going. Then you may hear it. I know I have heard it guiding me teaching me and warning me.But when I wasnt following the principle of the church it left and I never felt so dark it my life. I knew I had to get it back I wasn't doing anything horrible Ijust wasn't attending and not reading and not following the word of wisdom. ever since then I follow the Prophet no matter how small or what the members say. It is my eternal progression not theres Show more Show less