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Hi I'm Tafuna-Ma-Tata

I'm Tongan, born and raised..love Sports,mama's boy (i think) love my savior and yeah " i'm a MORMON "...

About Me

Hi, my name is Siope.. I'm Tongan, I was born and raised in the beautiful island of many names.."Kingdom of Tonga" some might say,others "the Friendly Islands" not forgetting "the Other side of Heaven"..anyways, i love playing sports,i play rugby,volleyball,tennis etc..you name it..always learnt alot from these things including discipline and team work and enjoying talents that Heavenly Father has given me.. I graduated from high school not too long ago and enjoyed a year at a Teachers Training College..believe me its harder than it looks..haha..the week i spend teaching primary school kids was both challenging and fun at the same time..now i'm doing the same thing for people of all ages..only this time i'm teaching them about the gospel and helping them come closer to Christ.its the hardest but yet the most rewarding thing i could ever do right now at this stage of my life. I grew up a member of the CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS and i have been blessed my whole life because of it,because of the things that the gospel has taught me...I know this gospel is true and we a being led by the lord through a living prophet..i have friends from all religion denominations and am glad and grateful for the blessing of true friends,loyal friends.. i love my family, i love my friends, I most definitely love my SAVIOR and REDEEMER JESUS SHRIST AND MY HEAVENLY FATHER..and I'M A MORMON.

Why I am a Mormon

To me, I consider myself a convert to the church even though i was born and raised in it..both my parents were faithful members in the church and always strive to fulfill their callings..i grew up learning about the principles and teachings of the church and i believed it all..but everyone went through teen years,and not too long ago i was in that stage.. after having learned all things about the gospel i thought that i was old enough that i knew better and i started to quetion stuff..does it sound like you sometimes?it was definitely me a while ago.and to show how stuborn i was,almost all the question i had, i knew the answer to..it was just ridiculous..peers was a big part of it as it has always been..trying to satisfy my needs saying that the church is too strict and its not right, never for a second i ever thought about what my heavenly father wanted for me..knowing that i could not get away from the truth that i have already learnt growing and seeing the mess that i have put myself in,i turned to the scriptures.. reading them,the Bible and the Book of Mormon gave me the confirmation that i am at the right place and that everlasting happiness can only be found when following its teachings..one of the most profound things that helped me is everytime i hear the prophet and the apostles speak to us every six month also gave me the assurance that heavenly father is constantly watching out for us and guiding us through them,his chosen representative.. i know this without a shadow of a doubt now and i know that this gospel is true and i'm happy to share it with all would want to listen and learn about it.i know that it has brought me and my family happiness and it will bring you happiness also..THIS IS WHY I'M A MORMON..

How I live my faith

i come from a comunity of probably a couple of thousand people,more or less..and it has wonderful to see myself putting the things that i learn through the gospel to use..ofcourse its just a small village and everybody knows each other,but i've come to know that using the things that the gospel teaches,especially at such a small and closely related comunity,it makes things even more easier..it strenghtens relationships,no matter who you are.. i'm always part of sports programmes in the village,like volleyball and criket..and everytime we prepare our teams for competitions,now being one of the senior members in trying to help our youth progress in their talents we always try to incorporate gospel teachings in every aspect..example which we use all the time is living the word of wisdom..boy it make things much more easier..obedient, boy thats always hard to get through but when it does get through,everybody is happy..small things but brings great results.. some of the fun programmes that i like to always be a part of is community service..having that desire to help out the community in anyway to me i thinkshows how commited we to show how much we want to follow our savior..we dont go to show that we are followers but when we are doing it we know we are doing what he would want us to do.. knowing that i could be of help to others in any way always brings me happiness..thats why one of my favorite hymns in the hymn book is " HAVE I DONE ANY GOOD IN THE WORLD TODAY "..and also trying to fulfill my church callings is what i strive to do all the time because it not only helps others but helps me grow also..its not always perfect or ever will it be but what is required of me is to do my best.. thats how i live my faith..