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Hi I'm Ashlee Ann

I live each day and hope to learn form the ones that have passed. My family is my joy. I am a Mormon.

About Me

My name is Ashlee. I am a simple girl who enjoys photography and spending time with my family. I have a love for good music and everything chocolate. I enjoy traveling and visiting friends and family. When I was a little girl my dream was to grow up to be a wife and mother. And I was living that dream. On March 11 2011, our world came crashing down. I received the news late one night that my husband had been killed. The months that followed that dark night were nearly unbearable. The task of raising my five babies on my own at times seemed more than I could bear. My Father in Heaven has watched over us and blesses us every day. I have been remarried for three years to an amazing man. Our little blended family of eight did not come together in the way I had always planned as child—but I have learned to put my faith in His plan. I have used His grace to accept the past and work hard in moving forward. He is watching over us, even in our darkest hours—He is there lifting us. It is never to late to live happily ever after! When our testimony is in our Savior, we will never fall . . . and when it feels like we are, He will catch us.

Why I am a Mormon

I believe in Jesus Christ. I believe he is the source of truth for this world. I believe that He came to earth and died for us, that we can one day live again. He is my source for higher power. He has given me strength when my own has not been enough. He has been a light for me through darkness. I believe in power that is sometimes unexplainable with the knowledge that we as human beings have and I know its source is God. I know that each of us is a loved son or daughter of God. I see Him in each person I have ever met, regardless of the life they are choosing to live. I know that we must put our trust in Him, that all that we do in this life is possible because of Him. There is also darkness in this world. I have felt it, and seen it many times in others. I know that it is very powerful. It has shaken the faith of many people who I love with all my heart. I have watched it destroy many families. It is real. It can be scary. I believe that this power’s source is Satan. I believe he is the father of all lies and all darkness. He wants us to fail. He delights in our pain. He has one mission…. To get as many souls to fall as he can. It is the extreme of darkness in this world that has brought me to many low points in my life. I have seen its power and personally felt its despair. I know it is real. And through all the darkness, I have also seen much light. I have felt the power of light that becomes even stronger than any dark day. I have felt peace come when it seemed impossible. I have been carried higher when I wasn’t sure if I would ever see hope again. I am a mormon, because we believe in Jesus Christ. We know that He lives. We love him and spend our lives trying to emulate His love through good works and standing in holy places. Because I am a Mormon I have come to develop a relationship with my Father in Heaven. I know I am his daughter and we are all children of God. He lives; He loves us. Because of Him and His grace our families can be together forever.

How I live my faith

After three years of trying to pretend that the events that changed the course of my life did not really happen, my heart did not stop hurting. Why had my life become something I did not plan? One day in the temple I got an urge to embrace my story—I could feel Heavenly Father begging me to allow our story to be told. In January 2014 I felt impressed to share our journey of healing in a blog called “The Moments We Stand”. When I first sat down at my computer, I thought Heavenly Father was giving me permission to write about all the pain others had caused in my life. I sat with hate in my heart and began to type—as the words began to flow out of me, I watched the blessings we had seen cover the computer screen. Heavenly Father hadn’t asked me to write hateful rantings of the three people who had changed my world—He was asking me to bear my testimony. Every week since January I have been journaling our story—the moments that we have seen God’s hand in our lives even through our pain. It has been humbling to be part of a journey that I never chose. My testimony has grown as I have been blessed to lift others in their own painful stories. As a mother I have the opportunity to bear my testimony every day to my little babies. With six kids under the age of nine there are times that I have felt overwhelmed and very distracted by the day to day grind of making sure everyone is fed, clean, and to sleep—but in those moments, when I stop and bear my testimony to my children that they are my world and that Christ is what holds us together—it is then that I receive a witness that this blessing called motherhood will be my greatest accomplishment in this world. They are here on a loan to me, and I have been called to make sure they learn truths and build a solid foundation to become the people they were sent here to be and fulfill their own missions on this earth.