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Hi I'm Riley

I grew up in Utah, was Agnostic and now im a Mormon. I served a full time mission in Colorado springs, Colorado!

About Me

I am the oldest of 4 kids I am on my mission in Colorado springs, when i get home i am going to go to school for microbiology. I hope to one day find the cure for cancer. I like to snowboard in the winter and build snow men as well, in the summer i like to hang out with family and friends, love to play Mario cart and have a good time. love movies such as hot rod and batman! Plus I love to party!!!

Why I am a Mormon

I was born a member of the church, but I did not come to find out it was true until I was 17. When I was 14 years old I stopped going to church as much as I should have. I did not think it was true and I thought it was all just a big joke that your mom and dad tell you to keep you safe and out of the streets. I went through most of all of my teen years thinking that God was some made up man and that there was just some being out there that was watching all of us just for fun. When I was 16 my grandma passed away from cancer. I then thought to myself, if there was a God out there how could he let such a great lady as my grandma pass away like that? Then I stopped going to church at all and looking for some thing that could make me happy. I had a really good friend of mine ask me one day if I was going to go on a mission and I told him most likely no. He then asked me to read the Book of Mormon and to ask if their was a God out there and, if so, ask if I should go on a mission, so I did as he asked. I remember praying one night at about 2 or so in the morning and asking if God was there and then I just got mad so I started to give up... I don't know how to put this next part into words but I just got this feeling that He was there and that He did indeed care about me and what I was going through at the time and that he had a plan for me to be here on this earth. In that moment I knew that there was a God and I testify to all of you that there is and He loves you He wants you to be happy and to come back to live with him. I promise you that if you read and pray about the Book of Mormon you too can know that there is a God out there who loves you and wants the best for you. All He wants you to do is ask Him.

How I live my faith

I live my faith ever day, right now I have the opportunity to be on a mission for the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints. I love being able to talk with everyone I meet about how Christ has helped me in my life, and how he can bless their life as well. One of the things we do as missionaries is help people with their faith in Christ, we help them come closer to him or find out that he really was and is the son of God. We then help people repent. We ask them to read and pray about the book of Mormon and the Prophet Joesph Smith, to ask their Heavenly Father if it is true, if there is a Prophet on the earth to day, and then if they feel as if they have an answer we invite them to follow the example of their savior Jesus Christ and be baptized.