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Hi I'm Timo

I'm a Finn, I love saunas, and I'm a mormon.

About Me

How's life? Life's the best thing I've got so far, and will continue to be! I'm a Finn come from the midst of all the beautiful forests and lakes of Finland. I come from a family of five with both brothers and sisters, me being the second youngest of my family. The treasure of my life is all the friends and people around me. I'm always up for an adventure. I like all the positive random things of the world. I enjoy nature, photography, snowboarding, having aimless walks in forests and travelling across the land where ever I've got means to go to. As a Finn I love having saunas, whether it be a summer or winter, swimming in lakes, dipping into a hole of a frozen lake and rolling in a snow as I'm on my way back to sauna. As I grew up I learned to love arts and all the beauty of the world so I ended up graduating from studying Graphic designing and multimedia. I also completed my national service with the Defence Forces of Finland in the Combat camera -unit, just two years back from now. And my admiration towards the nature, the world and how it all works continues as I'll be beginning my university studies in Medical applied physics in Finland this coming September.

Why I am a Mormon

As my parents were converted to the gospel in their 20's, I feel it was a blessing for me in my life to be born into a family that already cherised the gospel of Jesus Christ in their lives. Yet, just like every single person, I had to choose for myself whether the message and the foundation of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was true or not. For if the church wasn't true, there wouldn't be any point in following it's teachings and the commandments that our Heavenly Father had given to the members of the church (as it claims - through living prophets). So, to know for myself if the church was true I continued to experiment upon the word of God in my life. That means that I continued to live the commandments of God in my youth, to see if they produced the promised blessings: pay tithing, live a healthy life, go to church, read scriptures, pray etc. And as I did, I could see the blessings come, increased happiness and joy - real and often specific blessings that I couldn't have received by any other way. I've found answers and greater understanding for the great questions of life. I've felt the Saviour's atonement work in me, cleanse me and made me who I am today. Most importantly I've received my own specific answers to my prayers, through the Holy Ghost, that the church is true and it's teachings are of God. I've felt the love of God inside me as I've prayed, and the Holy Ghost witness to my heart these things to be true. Our Heavenly Father answers to our questions as we really seek out for Him, and He wants us to know He loves us. Therefore it's been through seeing the hand of God work miracles in my life, that I know He's there and that the teachings of the church are good and true. And then it's been down to me to ask our Heavenly Father Himself if these blessings came because this church with it's teachings is the only true church on the earth, authorized by Christ Himself. And I know it is, through the Holy Ghost. This is why I'm a Mormon.

How I live my faith

Back in the days when I was a kid I used to see missionaries of the church help others finding faith in Christ, hope in the world. I always dreamt of going out and doing the same, helping others to find out more to their lives, find a purpose and reason to it all. Well, eventually I grew up... And ended up fulfilling my dreams as I was called by a prophet of God to serve a mission in southern England as a volunteer, a full-time missionary for two years! I've been here in England for a long long time now, and I'm loving it. There couldn't be a better work for me to do on the earth than sharing the goodness I've received into my own life. I know that God has a plan for me and everyone else in the world, and He loves each of us so much. As I return home back to Finland from my mission, I'll continue to be faithful to Him as my normal life continues on with my uni, work, family and friends.