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Hi I'm James

I'm the youngest of nine kids. I'm still an original. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

What do I like to do? A little bit of everything. Mainly, I read and write. I write a few poems now and again and people tell me they're pretty good. Mostly romantic poems. I also write fictional stories. I don't have any books completely written, but I have some stories floating around in my head. I like to think about my books and stories a lot so even though they aren't on paper yet I have the storylines and characters down pretty well. Like I said, I like a little of everything, though. I play some sports with my friends and it's fun cause we're not really good or bad so we just play to play. I'm not really a competitive person, so when I play sports I try to do well but I don't get upset if I stink or if my teammates are bad. If the person I'm playing against is pretty bad then I usually try to help them out a little. If they're better at the game than I am then I'll take my beating and laugh the whole time. Life is supposed to be enjoyed and I try to enjoy every moment I can (without doing something stupid or dangerous, anyway). My family, especially my nieces and nephews, are the center of my life. I'm the youngest of nine children and I'm almost old enough to get married myself, so I have quite a few nieces and nephews running around. I love those kids so much. Since I grew up as the kid brother, I relate really well with children. I always show them respect and treat them like people and I've established deep connections with each and every one of them.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I know this to be the restored Church of Jesus Christ again on the earth. I grew up in this church but I've had a lot of chances to fall away. I've lived in places where there are nearly no Mormons. People would ask me what religion I was and I would tell them "I'm Mormon". The most common reply was "What's a Mormon?" Very few of the people in those places had the same morals and values that I did, so it would have been so much easier for me to lower my morals to fit in and be popular. But life isn't meant to be easy. I kept my values and morals because I knew that only misery waited if I were to give in and do what I knew wasn't right. Giving in may be easier, but it sure won't make me happy. I've also lived places where there are lots of Mormons. In those places I don't stick out as "the Mormon", so it's a little easier to fade into the background. Religion in those places is seen as more of a cultural thing. Most people there will be good when they're in public. But once the public eye isn't watching, many of them will stop acting the same. Sometimes people would tempt me to do something with excuses about how my mother wasn't watching and my church leaders weren't around. I saw good friends go down bad roads. And I saw where it took them. My morals have always kept me safe from the dangers that caught those friends. I've had a good life because of my beliefs and how they affect the way I live. I've been able to help my friends and be a good influence on them just as many of my other friends have been good influences on me. My religion has done so much for my life in so many ways. I'm so happy to be a Mormon.

How I live my faith

If you know much about Mormons, you know we're big on service. So I would help out with service projects all of the time. In my local library, I helped one of my friends in a project where he built a fake tree in the children's section. I would help members of my congregation move a lot. Once I even got a free futon out of the deal. Other times I've painted a few homes. Basically I would just help out whenever I heard someone needed some help. I was pretty lucky that the other guys from my congregation were the same way, so we would usually do things like that together and it made things a lot easier. People always appreciatied the help, too. Just little things like that, or even smaller acts of service, really brought us closer together. So I live my faith by helping others. And that has helped me more than anything else would have.