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Hi I'm Steve

I'm a project manager, a Chartered Engineer and a keen singer. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a Chartered Engineer, which has come out of a life-long love of technology. I currently work in the payment card industry as a project manager. Outside of work I spend my time singing. I've performed in a few family-friendly covers bands. More recently I've started entertaining at weddings, parties and old people's homes armed only with a PA, some karaoke tracks and a hat. If I could spend my days doing nothing but that I would be a VERY happy man :o) . I have the great good fortune to be married to a beautiful wife who I met singing in the LDS church choir. Dorothy has become increasingly disabled which has been a challenge for both of us, but the gospel continues to be a blessing in both our lives.

Why I am a Mormon

When I was 16 a school friend invited me out to the youth club at the local LDS Church. I enjoyed it enough to keep going, but had no interest in learning about the beliefs of Church members. I considered myself far too intelligent to believe in a religion - 16 year olds can be like that :o) . I considered myself an agnostic as I believed it was impossible to disprove the existence of God, but likewise it was impossible to be certain of his existence either. But 4 years later I attended an LDS meeting in which young people were sharing their feelings about the Saviour and the Church. As I sat and listened, I felt an overwhelming feeling of peace and love in the room (I'd later ascribe those feelings to the Holy Spirit). I decided I needed to find out for sure whether or not what was being shared was a happy fairytale or actual fact. I dusted off the copy of the Book of Mormon that my friend had given me years before, and started to read. One chapter that was especially meaningful for me was Alma 32. In this chapter an ancient prophet teaches us how to gain a witness that God lives. Up until that point I couldn't understand how I could pray to a God that I didn't believe in. It seemed you either had faith or you didn't. In that chapter I read that I could 'try an experiment' and 'plant a seed'. Faith was something that could grow. This made a lot of sense to me. Cutting an already-long story short, I tried that experiment, and did gain my own witness that God lives, and that he restored his gospel to the earth through the prophet Joseph Smith. It's now some 25 years later and my faith continues to grow as God continues to answer my prayers and I see miracles in my life. This is the best thing in my life and has made me a much better person.

How I live my faith

I've held so many roles in the local Church. I currently serve on the local Bishopric. No-one in the church at a local level is a full-time minister. The Bishop is the person who leads / ministers to one congregation. Each Bishop has two men who assist him, and together those three make up the "Bishopric" of the congregation, and I'm one of those three. What that means is that I organise the worship services, ensure Sunday School and other classes are run, and work with the finances of the church (all under the Bishop's direction). Sometimes I'm the stand in (and not very good) organist. It also means that I get to spend time with other members and get to glimpse something of their lives. I consider this a truly sacred privilege that God is allowing me to experience for a short time. Perhaps most importantly, my faith dictates how I live my life at a daily / personal level. From personal study of the scriptures and prayer in the morning, through trying to act with the highest integrity through the day, through doing my best to be unjudgemental and loving towards those I meet. Even staying positive when my computer's trying my patience :o) . I love being a member of this Church !