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Hi I'm Jun,

A staff nurse, a loving husband & father, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I belong to a semi-large family. Have 6 sisters (including 2 deceased sisters). No brother, then my parents. This is kind of strange to me. I sometimes find it odd being the only boy sharing the joy or sadness my family would experienced. Thus, I developed a sibling inferiority complex. Still, I treasure my relationship with them. After my university years, I became too confident of myself. I took my family for granted because I thought that life was easy. I was wrong. There's always a time in life when one is challenged with unexpected obstacles that need a sound judgment in order to move on. Sadly, I've reached that crossroad. My spirituality is down. Helping hands come but I became more confused. Finally I've decided to follow a path, a diversion from my family's religious belief. Then a year later I went on a 2yrs mission...or full time mission. Because I wanted to share my magnificent discovery. Decades I stayed in that same path. And now I could revisit my past and say...Thank you with those hardships. This time I'm ready to embark another journey along with my very own Mormon family. I have a beautiful daughter and a sociable son. Both are in high school. My wife, is a step-down ICU Registered Nurse in a local hospital. She is endowed with great faith. With them I am grateful.

Why I am a Mormon

Regardless of who that person is, He or she is still a son or daughter of a KING. A rightful heir of a place that has been promised to the faithful. This is one of the many religious beliefs that existed even way back anciently. Because of time, some christian beliefs becomes obscured with human knowledge. Words when not recorded can instantly dissipate. They need to be recorded in any form, like scriptures. An intelligent God had used this method in conveying his message. In the 1800's a young boy testified about an ancient records written by prophets of God. Originally engraved in golden plates, testifying that Jesus is the Christ.That he was called by an angel of God to retrieve and translate them into our modern language. As becoming another holy scripture. Coincidently in my gloomy life, I encountered this translated ancient book. I read it. I prayed and felt it was right. I was then ready to accept. But I have not opposed my family belief in my life. Yet, I do know that my family would understand me. So I did it by way of baptism into the Church. Each time I read that holy book, I discover something new, even more mysteries of God. This book had recharged my life again! This discovery had also prompted me to go on a mission. Presently, God through Jesus Christ, continue to save His children by way of calling servants, even the modern day prophets. Modern day revelations are meant to be scriptures too. I do believe and will follow these revelations as long as I live.

How I live my faith

Serving selflessly has been in every fiber of my being. I cherished the time I've shared with anyone. Working the night shift as a nurse is not a joke. When my son once said, "Dad I'll be a nurse too." I told him that I have lots of missed opportunities to serve because of my time constraints. Being present in my church and family is already a joy forever to me. I wanted my kids to feel the same feelings I have in serving with other people... To nurse their delicate faith and help them grow and visualize an eternal Heavenly perspective. Volunteering as a parent 5yrs in a row in Boy Scouting camp is a "father & son quality time" I won't trade. Shame on me to attend just one testimony meeting in my daughter's Young Women camp. She's a high school senior . Waking up early along with my kids for seminary as a car pool driver is sweet. A Family Home evening and entries to my journal are always challenging. Temple work and genealogy... I'm so excited to see my fourth generation in progress. And fulfilling church leadership roles. One time we attended a family reunion in Vegas. Even though we don't share the same belief, I still respect them. As we depart, my father became so emo that he got sick. My 2 eldest sisters asked if I can give my father a prayer. "Is a Blessing of Comfort okay?" I asked. While driving back (California )home my heart was full. I will continue to pray for them that they may recognize the Spirit and will have a change of heart.