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Hi I'm Brian

I too am a Mormon and am grateful for the depth of understanding I have gained about God's plan for us, as his children.

About Me

I am currently a Realtor in Knoxville. Tn. I moved here about 21 years ago with my first wife. I remarried about 10 years ago to a wonderful woman from Florida. We have blended a family of 7 children. I'm grateful to God for helping me through some dark years as my first marriage fizzled and ended in a divorce. I encourage the youth every where to choose wisely thier spouse. Pick someone who has not only a love for the Savior but is willing to live by the rules he has put in place to ensure a happy marriage. I enjoy staying in shape and living the laws of good health. I truly can run and not be weary and walk and not faint because of living the laws God has revealed to enjoy that blessing. When you have good health you have everything; without good health life gets a whole lot more difficult. Our bodies should be a wonderful asset to us and not a liability.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon on many levels. I was born and raised in this church therefore I received early training and good examples from parents who lived and enjoyed the blessing of the faithful. When I was in my teens I was somewhat of a goof ball. I didn't appreciate what I had. Church was boring and had little meaning to me. Many of my friends from church had jumped ship and began partying and living the life of typical teenagers you see in this country. They began to drink, smoke dope and sleeping around without regard of their upbringing. I decided to remain sober. I also decided to learn for myself if this church is of God or man. I dedicated a few weeks of my free time to read the Book of Mormon and pray to God for the answer. I had always been taught that was what I needed to do for God to answer me. It worked. God spoke to me in a language I could not deny. I knew without a doubt I had the truth and from that time forward church has been a deep spiritual experience to me. I was like a starving man who had just sat at a King's table and eaten the greatest meal of my life. I can't express the satisfaction it gave me. I continue to eat at that table and beacon all to eat with me at that table. I have matured in the gospel with many years of studying, pondering and praying for all I can get. I marvel how great the heights and depths the gospel will take us if we will, but,honor God and live his commandment. He longs to reveal great light and truth to our soul. I have a hard time relating to people who take no thought as to where they came from, why they're here on Earth and where they will go after this life? They just accept everything is a mystery and there is no answer to these great questions. They will have a one line understanding of why they are here on earth and another one liner for the life hereafter, beyond that I get the 1000 yard stare from them. There is such a joy to the soul and meaning to life when we learn the answers. I thank him his love

How I live my faith

I try to be a good example of Christian living. It's no surprise that I live in the Heart of the Bible Belt and Religion is very important to people here. They are somewhat skeptical when I tell them the church I attend but most have been kind and tolerant of it. Because I encourage questions about my belief, those who I associate will sometimes ask me questions and inquire to know more. I feel some people here have been told so many false things about my beliefs, much from the pulpits of their own church, they guard themselves from any discussions about the topic. I let all those who I associate with know they can ask me any question they would like about my beliefs regardless of how silly or trivial their question may be.