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Hi I'm Maren Mangisi

I was born in California. I'm Tongan. I'm 15. I want to become a Mechanical Engineer or a writer. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm 15 years old and I love to laugh. I'm Tongan. I LOVE when a bunch of family come over and we have a game night. I believe that laughter can heal just about anything. I love to swim in the ocean. I want to become a Mechanical Engineer or a writer. I'm a little competitive. Example, my mom dared me to sit in the Splash zone, in the middle of winter, while we were watching Shamoo at Sea World. I did it and was completly dry until the end of the show when Shamoo decided to do a flip right in front of me. I love to sit and read by a window during rainy days. I love to cook. Mainly because I can eat my creation afterwards. ;D I enjoy playing volleyball and watching rugby. I like to draw and sew. I'm nervous around big horses because I'm a litttle scared they'll accidentally trample me into the shape of a pancake. I think it would be amazing to work in a zoo. I'm scared of heights but am willing to brave them. I'm the third child in 7. We have 5 girls. The oldest in my family is my brother Coe. He is currently serving a mission in Brazil. My dad served in Spain. And my younger brother, Maika, is currently 7 and planning to go on a mission when he turns 19. I have been a member of the LDS faith my whole life. I would love to serve a mission but if that doesn't work out then I have hope that I'll be able to serve one later in life.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born and raised as a Mormon so, I sometimes forget what a gift it is. However, through the good and bad times, I believe I will always be a Mormon because of the blessings it brings into my life. I am a Mormon because I love the promise that this Gospel gives about families. I am able to know and understand God's plan for my family. His plan is for us to be sealed and to live with each other in heaven for eternity. And although my family is big, sometimes frusturating, and my sisters steal my clothes, I'm the happiest around them. I would never want to give up one of the best things in my life and I know through this gospel and God's plan, I will never have to give it up. I am a Mormon because I know that every sin I make will be forgiven as long as I try my best. Heavenly Father sent His son to this earth to die for us and to redeem our sins. I know that every sin I commit each day can be forgiven as long as I do my best to fix it and try my hardest to never commit it again. And because of this atonement I can become better every day. Finally, I am a Mormon because I know that this Gospel is true. Every question you ask about your salvation can be answered. I know this gospel is true because we have the Book of Mormon, another testiment of Jesus Christ. I also know this gospel is true because we also believe in the Bible. Together, those two books are more fully completed. I know this Gospel is true because we have a prophet on this earth that provides modern revelation for us. He was put here to give us guidence by a Father in heaven who loves us. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by participating in my ward meetings and lessons. I am also the president of the Mia Maid class. (Our young women are split into 3 different groups by age. 12-13 are Beehives, 14-15 are Mia Maids, 16-18 are Laurels. We do lots of activities together but these classes were created to help the girls bond and become closer to the girls their age.) By being president, I help plan activities for mutual or youth group each Wednesday. I enjoy being president because it allows me to share my testimony and allows me to help my girls realize their true potential. I try to help them come to the knowledge that their Lord loves them and that he will never leave them behind. It allows me to help them through their daily lives and helps me to reach out to them and be a true friend. I live my faith through my family. Although my family may not be the best example at times, I know that they will always be there for me and are always willing to help. They strengthen me. I love to live my faith through God's nature. If you ever have the oppurtunity. Go hiking, find a rock next to a stream and sit and read your scriptures on it. I have never found a more solid way of building your testimony than to sit among millions of God's creations and read his words that were written for us. It strengthens my belief that God created this earth and that he was willing to sacrifice his son to save us because he loves us. I love to live my life through service. Serving others helps both ourselves and others. I love the happiness I feel after I have helped someone else. Service isn't always some huge thing though. I love the little acts of service. Holding open a door, giving a smile, sharing your candy, saying hello, writing a letter that says how much you miss someone. Sometimes the little things are the things that matter most.