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Hi I'm Paul Scott

I grew up in North Carolina, lived in California. I am a father, a grandfather, a great-grandfather. I am a convert.

About Me

I grew up in North Carolina and started to study computer programming in Charlotte, NC until I went to the Navy in 1969. I served four years in the Navy and was discharged in California. I worked for Pacific Gas & Electric Company for 32 years serving mostly in the gas transmission department. While working for PG&E I completed three journeyman ships. My primary job before retiring was to take care of all the office work including payroll, monitoring for the foreman a 3.5 Million dollar budget each year and take care of two warehouses. I am an explore in that two friends and I were the first to locate the crash site of the first trans-Pacific hot air balloon the Double Eagle V several years after it crashed in a Northern California National Forest. I am an inventor. I designed a lit that will roll through a small door way an lift 500 pounds up to sixteen feet. I have designed and built many tools that I have needed over the years. I have been a recovering alcoholic scene 1982 and a non smoker of a pack and a half a day scene 1975.

Why I am a Mormon

Why am I a Mormon is easy. I received a burning inside me one Sunday while away on a visit that I can not deny. The Lord confirmed to me that all that I was being taught and was reading was true and of His work. I would have joined the church that week with or without my wife or family beside me. That is how powerful of a testimony i receive when I simply asked the Lord in humble prayer "was all this true, is the book true?". A prayer that I had not offered up in almost 20 years. As I listened to the the missionaries give me the discussions the Holy Ghost bore witness that what they were telling me was true. As I took the new member discussions I continued to gain a much better testimony of this work . When I took the temple discussions before gong to the temple I learned even more about family's being sealed for time and all eternity. This testimony continues to grow about the temple and family's being together. I have what I call a simple testimony of this church. The Lord lives and has a body of flesh and bone like ours. Joseph Smith was the person the Lord chose to open up this work again and that we have a living profit today and his name is Thomas A. Monson. This did not come all at one time, little by little as I grew and allowed the Lord to teach me what He want me to become.

How I live my faith

I presently serve as a Councillor in the Bishopric in Shelby NC. I have the pleasure of trying to help those people that the Bishop may assign to me or to whom I have a stewardship over. This position can be demanding at times but I rely upon the strength of the Lord to help me fulfill that responsibility. I am over the young men and young woman in the ward and it is so rewarding to watch they young people growing up with the values they know are important to them at this stage in their life. I have seen many go on a mission and come home a totally different person understanding why they are here in this mortal state and where the Lord wants them to go. I enjoy helping members and non members as well with the day to day problems that come to them. I feel that service work is a blessing to me as well as a blessing to the one that the service was given to. Yes some times it gets tiring, dirty, hot and sweaty, but when it is all done I thank the Lord for what He has blessed me with in order to help that family or person.

Do Mormons only help Mormons?

Paul Scott
I have help countless people that have been stranded on the road, wrecked, lost when I was with Search And Rescue in California. We are all Gods children, regardless of the color of our skin. He loves us all the same. When I am helping people i firmly believe that i am serving my God. I do not except money or payment when serving, mealy ask that they pass this service forward and help someone that needs it. It would be very selfish of me as a Mormon to only help other Mormons. I do not think that is what the Lord wants us to learn here. I feel we should help anyone in need regardless of what the project is or where it may be locate. I have seen the effect of helping non members, disaster after disaster you see the yellow Mormon helping hands shirts clearing trees, repairing homes, cleaning up parks and towns across the world at their own expense. Yes we pay our own way to and from these disasters to help our neighbors in need. The church does not reimburse us for our expenses. It is born by us with pleasure, pleasure to serve our Lord by helping our brothers or sisters. Show more Show less