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Hi I'm Amber

I grew up on Army posts across the world. I'm a customer service expert. I'm a goofball and a diva. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a wicked heavy reader - it's true, I even read shampoo bottle labels. My husband and I are gamers (Xbox). I like to jeep and write and play music. I'm learning guitar and piano, play the French Horn, and love to sing. My friends say that I know a song lyric for EVERY occasion... and it might just be true. I'm the first girl to graduate high school in my family, and the only one so far to do so with honors. I was a National Merit Semi-Finalist, a Woman of Promise (Sweet Briar College) and was offered the Presidential Scholarship to Kansas State University. I haven't finished college - many obstacles and set backs - but I plan to!

Why I am a Mormon

When I was little I heard about Sunday school from a little Baptist girl in my kindergarten class and it sounded like fun - so I asked my mama. She refused to go to church for her own reasons. I asked if I got a ride if I could go, she agreed (probably thinking I'd never manage it,) and I found a local church with a bus that would pick me up. I searched for the truth, for a church, for God for a long time. I investigated a myriad of faiths: Catholic, Lutheran, Episcopal, Methodist, Baptist, non-denominational, Islam, Judaism, and even Wicca. (Not in that order.) I just never felt like I was in the right place. When I was 17 I had to have surgery and couldn't go to school; here in KC they assign you a "visiting home teacher" (irony has not been missed on this LDS girl) who brings you your school work so that you don't fall behind. Just before I was able to return to school I was at the library with mine and I asked her what she was doing for Halloween and she said, "My church is having a trunk or treat." I'd never heard of that before so I asked her where she went to church. She told me where her church was but wouldn't go into too much more. I was curious, and I drove by the building... then I went online. I found out when they had service and showed up. I think I shocked her. The first time I went to service was a fast & testimony meeting and I thought it was VERY weird. I'd never seen anything like it before. I can't say that it was riveting, but there were moments when I felt touched, humbled and happy. A million people must have shaken my hand that day - I've never felt more welcome. The experience was strange, but I couldn't stop smiling the whole time I was there. The missionaries introduced themselves... and the rest is history. I still feel two tons lighter when I leave the ward building, I still get a befuddled happy feeling during F&T meeting and I know with all my heart that the Church, the Gospel & the Book of Mormon are true.

How I live my faith

I've been lucky enough, excuse me, *blessed* to be called as a ward missionary with my husband. We get to help the missionaries penetrate our ward boundaries for the Lord - they teach the new folks, we try to re-energize the old. We hand out new member packets, write a short newsletter full of missionary topics, plan a social once a quarter, design the baptismal programs for our newbies, attend each baptism (so fun!), help teach the new member discussions, invite less actives to activities, check in on shut ins, and whatever else we can think of to let everyone know that someone cares. Oh, and I'm also a visiting teacher. This means that I have 3 - 20 (most, ever!) ladies that I either visit, call or write a note to every month to let them know they are loved, check to see if they need any service and get to know as a sister.

What are Mormon women like? Do Mormons believe in equality of men and women?

If you can figure out ONE definition for "women" or "woman" then you're better than me. Mormons are as diverse as any other faith - you'll meet the super laid back, the super OCD & everything in between. So "what are we like" is a hard question. Do we believe women are equal? Depends on what you mean. True equality means that we'd be interchangeable, but that's impossible. Why? Because a man will never be able to carry a baby. We are created to be different. Does that mean we are "lesser beings"? Um, no. We're just wired differently all the way around. As Saints we recognize and embrace that instead of railing against it. Does that mean that every woman is cute and cuddly? Pshh! You've never met me if you think that! No two people are the same, our church knows that. We believe fundamentally we fulfill similar roles because we were designed to. A mother is no replacement for a father, a father no replacement of a mother - because you can't replace either with ANY thing else. You can substitute, but that's not the same as replacement. Single moms, for example, know exactly how hard it is and how different it is... my mom said it all the time. Do we hold the same offices in the church? No. Why? I don't know. Personally, I think it's because women tend to be stronger of faith and need less structure, but that's not an "official" position. All I know is we serve equally important roles - talk to a Relief Society president if you don't believe me. Show more Show less