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Hi I'm Irelynn

I'm 14 years old. I love to sing and act. I'm a Mormon, and I'm loving it!

About Me

Hi! My name is Irelynn and I am 14 years old. I'm living in Utah, and it is AMAZING here! I've been singing ever since I was about 2, and I enjoy acting and writing songs as well. I used to live in Oklahoma and Texas, but my Nana and I have decided that Utah is the place for us! I love school, and I enjoy learning new things. I constantly try to have a bubbly and positive disposition about be, because a smile can easily change someone's day. I love doing service unto others, especially the other Young Women in my ward! I've always found that doing service makes me happier inside and I can tell that Jesus Christ is smiling down on me when I do. I am a very outgoing person and to be honest, I love to talk! (: I think I might talk a little too much sometimes, but I'd rather be overly talkative that be too shy to talk at all.

Why I am a Mormon

I've been raised as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints and I am very grateful for it. I've been doing my best to live righteously my entire life and I can tell that if I wasn't a member of this church, I wouldn't be the person I am today. I probably would've fallen into the ways of the world which include drinking, smoking, doing drugs, having premarital sex, ect. I don't want to be that kind of person. When I walk up to Heavenly Father on judgement day, I want to feel happy with how I've lived my life, not ashamed of the way I spent my time on Earth and the things I did. Being a Mormon doesn't mean that I never sin. I sin all the time! Sometimes I don't even realize it. But what being a Mormon means is that I try to avoid sinning. I try to keep myself out of situations where I'd be tempted to sin, because everybody makes mistakes. But some mistakes could change your life forever. I really do believe that this church is true, and that everything that the prophet says is true. I believe that Joseph Smith restored the church when, for a while, it wasn't around. I believe that we should all follow God's commandments and try our hardest to live righteously, so that we can return to our Heavenly Father. I believe that this church has made a huge impact on my life and I'm proud to be a part of it! I'm so glad that more and more people will get the chance to join the church and feel the happiness that I feel, because everyone deserves it.

How I live my faith

In the church, we have an organized group called the Youth. These are people of the ages 12-17 who get together and have their activities. It helps us to take the leap between Primary, which is for ages 5-11, and the normal classes for adults in the ward. In the Youth, it gets broken down even more. There are the Young Women and Young Men, and within the genders there are groups by age. In the Young Women, there are 3 age groups, as well as in the Young Men. 12-13 year old women are called Beehives, and the men Deacons. 14-15 year old women are called Mia Maids, and the men Teachers. 16-17 year old women are called Laurels, and the men Priests. I am the President of our ward's Mia Maids. I have a 1st Counselor, a 2nd Counselor, and a Secretary. I love leading the Mia Maids because it helps me to grow closer to them. If they have a problem about anything they know they can come and talk to me about it. I also am helping some of the other Mia Maids to feel more included in Young Women's by not only making them more active, but by helping them gain more friendships within the ward. I am also in the Ward Choir. I really enjoy singing in church and feeling the Spirit strongly while doing so. Although I've only been in this ward for a little while, I already feel so connected. We truly are a family and I love it! I try to do missionary work at school. Even though most of the kids at my school are Mormon, I like helping the non-members see how amazing and true this church is. I have a picture of Jesus Christ in my locker, as well as Thomas S. Monson. When people walk past my locker they see that and understand how dedicated I am to the Gospel. I am so glad that I have Seminary as a class at school! I learn so much and I can really feel the Spirit there. Seminary has helped me with so much this school year. Now, reading my scriptures isn't a chore like it used to be! I don't feel bored during Sacrament meeting, and I'm actually excited to wake up at 6 every Sunday morning.