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Hi I'm Thea

From Southern Baptist, to Apostolic, I found The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in 2012 at age 41. I'm so blessed!

About Me

I was raised Southern Baptist. Quoting Lucy Mack Smith's experience, "How can I decide in such a case as this, seeing they are all unlike the Church of Christ, as it existed in former days!" Like her, "I went from place to place for the purpose of getting information and finding, if it were possible, some congenial spirit who could enter into my feelings and thus be able to strengthen and assist me in carrying out my resolutions... I said in my heart that there was not then upon earth the religion which I sought. I therefore determined to examine my Bible and, taking Jesus and His disciples for my guide, to endeavor to obtain from God that which man could neither give nor take away..." I had been searching for the true church for over 15 years and I found it through the testimony of a man I was introduced to by my brother. Once I heard his testimony of what he believed, I knew I found what I had been searching for all those years and didn't waste any time or let negativity move me away from my destination. On my third week in Church I was Baptized and received the Holy Ghost through the laying on of hands. The next week I met my husband. Three weeks later we married. We moved into our first home together and anyone that remembers their first year of marriage knows it can be challenging. Some people don't work at their marriage because they have that choice. Some do, enduring unto the end. When that happens, this life was worth it all for the eternity together.

Why I am a Mormon

I am Mormon because I know within my very soul, this is the church described by Jesus that would be His, that was restored back to this earth after all the apostles and disciples were Martyred. There are other churches out there that have some of the ways of this church but they aren't complete. Doctrine & Covenants (In Book of Mormon) 29:7 "And ye are called to bring to pass the gathering of my elect. For mine elect hear my voice and harden not their hearts." I am much like those ancient men and women who were born before the Gospel was restored to the earth. They knew in their hearts that there was something different; something more complete; something with apostles and prophets. Some of the churches I have been a member of do not believe in apostles and prophets anymore. The pieces that have always been missing or not answered have been answered through this church. I know that Thomas S. Monson is the Prophet today, without a doubt. I have a testimony that Heavenly Father revealed this to me before I was baptized and received the Holy Ghost through the laying on of hands. The Book of Mormon is the missing piece of what happened when all the Apostles and Disciples were martyred from the New Testament. That the Book of Mormon is a true testament of what happened in the Americas during the same period of time that the Bible was written, which compliments the other, and is Heavenly Father showing He is still speaking to us today. Which those who don't believe that, have lost faith in the God of yesterday for He is a God that never changes. What makes others think the very essence of who He is doesn't really exist today as it did back then? He is a NEVER changing God. A God of order. One that keeps covenants with us and give commandments to help us live in this world today. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

How I live my faith

I have been an active church member since 2012. I have received 2 callings in the ward (church) before I married. I was a Visiting Teacher Supervisor and Relief Society Music Director. In my current Ward (Church) I have had these callings: Relief Society Teacher, Ward Missionary, Primary (11 year olds) Teacher, Ward Young Women Camp Director, Assistant Secretary in Relief Society and Secretary in Relief Society. I read scriptures morning and night with my husband and step-children, when they are with us between homes. Then my husband and I read together in our private time. I am faithful to Doctrine & Covenants (in the Book of Mormon) 89. What has been very helpful for me is the apps that are on my cell phone for the church. I love the Gospel Library, Bookshelf, Mormon Channel, LDS Plan, LDS Institute, Scriptures, Citation Index, LDS Info. I have my phone by my bed and while my husband is sleeping, if I wake up at any time, I read from one of these apps on my phone. I will also take notes on my phone of any dreams I have or anything the Lord lays upon me while sleeping. I love being around the Sisters in my Ward (Church) and I am growing closer to them each day. This is truly a wonderful way of living and one that I have searched for and knew existed, just wasn't able to find it. I try to read my Patriarchal Blessing (a personal scripture) every week and it uplifts and encourages me to read my personal scripture from Heavenly Father to me. I pray and have learned through trials to only turn to Heavenly Father. He is real. He is magnificent. He is faithful and just. He is my Heavenly Father and I am His daughter. Without Him, I am nothing.

How can I know Mormonism is true?

I have been asked from others who "researched" on the internet if mormons were a cult and do they have more than one wife? SO not true. It is actually the farthest thing from the truth. When I heard the testimony of a friend, in his testimony were answers to questions I specifically asked Heavenly Father, through the 14 years of my search. I immediately clicked on the chat button at the top of the page of the mormon.org site, back then, and started chatting with the missionaries. One thing they told me to do was before I read the Book of Mormon I needed to pray. That spoke volumes to me. I know how prayer works and they are telling me to rely on Heavenly Father to tell me if it is true or not. After I prayed, I felt such a peace and so much comfort in the words I read. The first thing I read was about Joseph Smith and it was amazing the similarities him and I had with denominations and praying James 1:5. I couldn't get enough of this truth. I did safeguard my heart and chose not to search out information about the church through google. I relied solely on the scriptures and prayer. I didn't want the opinion of man to fool me but allow the words that are inspired by God to be written to be my guide. I'm so blessed I found this restored Gospel in my lifetime. Blessings to you on your journey in yours. Show more Show less