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Hi I'm Inoke

I'm a Random Tongan, Currently serving in Laoag, Philippines Mission, LOVE chocolate with a passion, and i'm MORMON. :P

About Me

I am the oldest of 10 Kids and i think i am the WEIRDEST of them all!! I just want to do the best i can for my younger brothers and sisters so i can be the best example for them! And the only way to do that is by living the gospel and always staying positive!! Life is alot better that way. :) I am studying at Utah University and Studying on how to be a S.W.A.T. Sounds weird huh?? see!! i told you i'm weird. haha I just love to do random things because it makes life interesting! You know what i love to do because i can do it as a hobby and just do it for fun?! I LOVE TO DUBSTEP BEATBOX and I continue to get better at it and practice!!!! :D You don't have to compete and you can just do it with the buddies for fun!! :DI love chocolate like no other and giving a helping hand is what i like to do! If you ever need that kind of help, don't hesitate to ask me. Stranger or not. :P

Why I am a Mormon

Why NOT be mormon?? lol I have always stuck to my parents' counsel and just did what they told me to do because i love them that much. You would do the same for your parents, right? I Well, as time went on, i sometimes wondered to myself if this church was REALLY true?? If someone had a problem, i would share with them a gospel principle and told them they need to DO it and it ALWAYS works for them, but i could never do it myself. i felt like a hypocrite!! :( So, i decided to actually do the things that we are commanded to do by our living prophet! (Read the Book of Mormon, Pray to know about truth, serve a mission, ect.) It started out slowly, but surely......and you know what?? What i am living is all true! I KNOW it is!! :D Ask god!! He'll tell you the same thing!! :D Church is TRUE!! All day EVERYDAY!! haha :P

How I live my faith

I have never really tried to live the faith in the "back in the days" but man.....i was stupid. haha i finally realize how much the gospel can change your life! I know that i am just saying these silly lines that everyone says, but for reals!! Living gospel standards keeps you positive and happy!! i have figured out the the Atonement is more than we think it is. There is so many blessings from what Jesus Christ did for us! Don't ever think a sin is too heavy or unclean for you to be loved and forgiven by god. THIS IS POSSIBLE!! I, being a witness to this, know this is true! What you did in the past does not describe who you are in the future! Just be happy. I don't care what your religion is! If you are Catholic or Baptist or whatever, Be the best there is and help someone in need!! Christ did it!! :D So should we!! :)

Why do some call Mormonism a cult?

Judging. that's the only answer!! hahaha People often listen to other peoples' rumors or opinions about the church or they'll look up the internet about the church and it is often not TRUE!! The only way for ANYONE to if the church is a cult or not is by reading the Book of Mormon and then ask god. If god tells you that we are a cult and evil, then so be it because God said so. What ever he says, it is true. :) Just ask god!! :D Show more Show less