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Hi I'm Ian Chan

I'm an Australian Born Chinese (ABC). I love Shin Ramyun instant noodles. I'm a son to a loving mother and father. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born as the only child in my family in Sydney, Australia, but my parents are from Hong Kong. I have served in the New Zealand Auckland Mission, the best mission in the world! I love all sorts of entertainment; movies, books, music; because they express themes that seem to transcend time if you look deep enough. I love science and the process of understanding the pattern of things both on a molecular level and macroscopic level. As such I now study doing a Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Education at UNSW to be a high school Chemistry Teacher!!.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born in the Church, in a Chinese branch in Sydney. Thing is, that I don't speak Chinese. So for a lot of my young years, I was just a Christian but could never explain my faith or the doctrines. That all changed when I went out with the missionaries to help them out and they started teaching in ENGLISH! They taught about Christ's church established with prophets and apostles and why we have so many different ones today. They taught about Joseph Smith and how he saw God and Jesus Christ. They taught how anyone who seeks sincerely and earnestly through prayer can know that truth by the power of the Holy Ghost. I was stoked! I was like "Why have I never heard about this before? This is amazing!!". I was as excited, if not more so, than the person the missionaries were teaching. That was what lead me to search for truth, if all these claims were true. It lead me to a point where there was this one night when I, for some reason or another, I was stressed and depressed; not a very good combination. If you know me, I worry and stress and fear like no other, and this was one of those nights. At this particular moment, I felt prompted to say a prayer. I'm feeling terrible, why not right? It was the first time where I felt I was honest and sincere when I had prayed. As I was speaking those words, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace and an experience that I can't really express in words. In that prayer, I knew that Jesus was the Son of the living God who had suffered all of our pains and afflictions and atoned for us. I knew it and I couldn't deny it. When I had finished, I had felt impressed to read the Book of Mormon. I was reading regularly for a period of time wanting to know if it was true, but at this particular time the passage I had read spoke directly to my fear and something inside me said "This book is true". It was a complete 'NO WAY!!' moment for me. I have had too many experiences after that to not know. The Church is true. This is my testimony.

How I live my faith

First, I have a deep and abiding love for daily personal scripture study. It's great to know that I can take all of my emotions, curiosities, questions, highs, lows and just dump it all into the study. There has always been something I read that speaks specifically to the things I dump into it. Currently, I am the 2nd Counselor to the Branch Presidency in the Chinese branch, which basically means I'm an assistant in helping look after the whole branch in terms of their temporal and spiritual needs. I love teaching, especially from the scriptures because I know they are not my words but the words of God and that I can fully rely on them.

What is the Law of Chastity?

Ian Chan
The Law of Chastity is a commandment of God concerning our intimate relationships with others. Simply, it is to have no sexual relations outside marriage and to be faithful to those who we are married to. Included, is in being clean in your thoughts, words, and actions. This means, abstaining from pornography and masturbation as well as being modest in our dress and clean in our language. For me it is one of the most obvious, and most serious commandments we are to keep. God has given us the power to bring life into this world and it needs to be kept sacred. I believe the way a child is reared by his/her parents will have a huge impact on his/her future. As such, it cannot be compromised by single parent homes, lack of commitment, or gratification-based relationship within the parents. We are also made of both spirit and body, both parts complementing each other. You and I are much more than what we look like. We have dreams, hopes, preferences; a personality, a spirit. Yielding to a relationship of lust will only degrade us to the purely physical, we will be treating each other as objects of lust. As we 'bridle our passions, we will be filled with love' not only for the life we bring into this world, but for ourselves and our respective others. Show more Show less