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Hi I'm Lawrence Stone

I am a father with two wonderful children. I have a degree Music from BYU-Idaho and am going back to get a Masters.

About Me

In my life I have always tried to be optimistic, no matter how hard and confusing life can be. Growing up I dealt with the same teasing that basically everyone else dealt with. During my trails of "being a teenager" I remember having a bad day and its interesting to think about because nothing had really gone wrong for me, I was just in a bad mood. My dad came home from work upset and asked me to do a chore and I was very unhappy about it and when he asked me what my problem was I told him I was having a bad day. At that point he revealed to me his bad day as a woman he worked with had lost her husband. It hit me very hard that I had nothing to be upset about. At that moment I began to completely secure a more consistent happy attitude. From that time on I had set a standard for what qualifies as a bad day. I still try to stay positive and believe that I have never seen a bad day since, but those lines have been pushed. One day after getting home from work I had gotteb a call informing me that my wife was in a severe car accident. For a moment I thought I had lost my family. My wife and daughter were life flighted to a hospital while my son was taken by ambulance. Shortly after arriving at the hospital my daughter passed away - sacrificing herself for her mother and brother, who both survived. To know more about our experiences you can go to prayersforthefamily.blogspot.com

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into a family that was active in the church. I am especially grateful to my mom for that. I grew up assuming that I knew that truth. I had no reason not to believe. Then in high school had an opportunity to know for myself and I'm glad I did, because I don't know where I would be today if I had just kept coasting. It was my Freshman year in High School and I had started taking Seminary. I had never been very regular about reading scriptures or saying prayers at that point, but for some reason having those teachers challenge me to read every day got me started. That year we were studying Doctrine and Covenants and it was towards the end of the school year when my instructor started challenging us to pray about knowing if the gospel is true. I didn't really pay much attention to his invitation because I was already thought I knew it was true - I didn't need to pray about it (so I thought). A few days later I couldn't get his invitation out of my mind. I finally told myself, "Why not pray about it? I already know its true even if I don't get an answer right away. That way I can at least say that I asked." I prayed and then laid down in bed to read and sleep. I began to feel something I had never felt before, almost like a burning sensation. I was a little concerned because I didn't know what it was at first, but it felt so comforting I wanted to hold onto it as long as I could. After a few minutes I pulled out my scriptures to read D&C 9. When I got to verse 8 I read "... You must ask me if it be right, and if it is right I will cause that your bosom shall burn within you; therefore, you shall feel that it is right." At that moment what I was feeling became very clear. Every time my faith has been challenged, every time I have doubts about what I knew at that moment I go back to that experience and it renews those feelings within me.

How I live my faith

I try to incorporate my faith into my life as much as I can. Lately I have been listening to talks and discussions on the scriptures and different gospel topics. For a while last year I volunteered at the Temple one day every week, and still try to get there at least once a month. I currently teach the adult Sunday School class. This year we are in the Book of Mormonand it's a great experience. Before the adults, I taught the 17-18 year olds last year as we went over the New Testament. I love teaching and could do it for the rest of my life. In my personal studying I am very focused on the Old Testament. I am ready strait through and am currently in Jeremiah. I feel like I am learning a lot about Temples there. Our family recently finished the Book of Mormon again and are now reading the New Testament as a family for the first time.

What blessings can you receive from reading the Book of Mormon, the Bible, and other scriptures?

Lawrence Stone
In my life I have been the happiest when I have found myself in regular, daily scripture study and prayer. I started reading my Freshman year in High School and read very regularly - especially while I was in school. I stopped reading almost entirely after I graduated and within a couple months I looked at myself and was very unhappy. I looked at what had changed and the biggest thing I noticed was that I wasn't reading my scriptures or praying regularly. Since getting married 4 years ago I have worked really hard and am reading and praying again every day. Both with my family and individually. Last January I was reading in Job and as I read about him loosing his family it hit me. I already have nothing as far as possessions to be lost, but to loose my family would be completely devastating. In February, while I was still in Job, I got a call letting me know that my wife was in an accident and both she and my daughter were being life flighted to the hospital and my son was going by ambulance. For a moment I had lost my family. I knew my daughter was in the worst condition and shortly after arriving at the hospital she died. My wife and son both survived, but the loss of my daughter was more devastating than anything I have ever experienced, yet the next 24 hours were full of more inspiration than any other combination of experiences in my life. My study of the scriptures, constant prayers, and faith carried me through that night and have kept me going since then. Show more Show less