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Hi I'm Darin

I live in Utah, I served a preaching mission in Poland for 2 years speaking Polish and love that country! I am a Mormon

About Me

I played lacrosse for 4 years in high school, I also play volleyball a lot with my family of 5 brothers. I am the second oldest in my family and the tallest of all my brothers. I love music, I love to sing especially NOT in the car. I love to play the piano and I even played trumpet for 4 years. I love doing yard work, I love to dance like crazy with my friends, I served on a preaching mission for 2 years in Poland and now speak Polish. I LOVE Polish and Poland. My family loves to go boating, I love to waterski and wakeboard most, but am a fan of kneeboarding, tubing, and anything pulled by a boat. I am going to study at BYU in the fall, and am battling between engineering, business, or the medical field for my overall direction. I like Star Wars more than Harry potter for obvious reasons and really like watching other appropriate movies. I think other religions are very interesting, and loved my opportunity to hear about the ideals and culture of Poland when I was there, I am open to discuss all points of view.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I have sought the truth and have felt the confirming revelations of the Holy Ghost that the truths in the Book of Mormon and consequently the truths revealed by modern prophets and other leaders of this church are true. It is very hard to believe in something you don't understand. Thus, I have found that the more I understand the gospel, I have greater confidence that it is true. I understand it, and the more I grasp about God, the more I feel personal quiet revelation that what I am reading is true. For example, if you are wondering what I mean when I talk about these "revelations," I invite you to become informed the same way I did. Study the sources. The Book of Mormon is a source of truth and an opportunity to recognize God's influence in your life through the teachings of the Holy Ghost. When I read the Book of Mormon, I feel a strong desire to learn more. I want to serve God and other people and those feelings are just some of the ways that I feel the influence of the Holy Ghost in my life. My conversion to this church is more than just a tradition that I decided to follow long ago, but it is something that I try to renew every day. I try my hardest to continually be "converted" to these truths by living them and teaching them to others. This helps me keep a firm conviction that this church is true. I know it is. i find out every day.

How I live my faith

Other than serving on a mission in Poland for 2 years where I got to preach to everyone I see about the truth about God, the access to answers that we now have thanks to a living prophet on the earth, and many other truths, I have always tried my hardest to be an enthusiastic disciple of Jesus Christ. I try to have energy in and out of the church to befriend people, help them feel welcome and loved, and if they want, teach them how they can find those feelings of true happiness for themselves by teaching them about the teachings of Christ. I take part in as many service projects as I can because that is a huge part of living the teachings of the Savior. I have lived my life in the bounds of the standards outlined by the Savior and revelation through His servants in order to give an example to others how great life is when we live like God wants. I study the scriptures and try my hardest to be aware of all God has revealed so that I can be more than just a "blind traditionalist" and more an "aware and informed disciple." I really like to teach, I have had a couple opportunities to serve as a teacher in a number of situations. I love to teach people.

What are Mormon Temples used for?

Understanding God's plan for this life helps us understand why we would need something like a temple. We have lots to do here on earth. This life ends sooner or later. Of all the things we have to do in this short life, what are the most important things? Of all our opportunities in school, work, recreation, etc, God knows what things bring the most happiness. God has a plan called the "Plan of Salvation." God created this life and the principles that govern it. He knows what things lead to happiness and what things don't. God's perfect perspective is even better because God's Plan of Salvation even describes what will happen after this life. There are certain things that need to be accomplished in this life in order to qualify for happiness (or salvation) in the life after this one. Compare this to a parent's perspective on their child's schooling. They know what needs to be accomplished in school to be successful after. The major actions we need to perform (as God has revealed by the means of communication through His prophets) are called ordinances. Baptism, sacrament, other sacred rituals are things that God has decided we need to do to qualify. The temple is a house of ordinances. Once a member of the church has lived worthy of God's other requests and requirements of us, they qualify to perform these formal ordinances in the temple. We invite all, but we must be qualified. One temple ordinance is "sealing" families together or ensuring them togetherness after this life. Show more Show less