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Hi I'm Chris

I love the saxophone, play jazz, mountain bike, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Having grown up in Utah, I have developed a love for the outdoors. I enjoy hiking, mountain biking, camping and the like. I have been training for a triathlon, which is a first, so I am developing an interest in running and swimming (developing slowly). In high school I became very interested in jazz and classical music. Music paved the way for me to go to college and I played the saxophone there. I was fortunate enough to visit New York City, the jazz capitol of the world, to experience the feel of east coast jazz. Classical literature is also a hobby of mine. One might call me a seeker. I seek for truth in all religions, forms of art, and in science. I enjoy conversations about calculus, film, dance, culture, poetry, and many other subjects. One could say I find some of my greatest enjoyments in other people, teaching, mentoring, learning about, and learning to love other people.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon for a few reasons. First and foremost, I have received a sure witness from the Holy Ghost, meaning a spiritual impression, telling me that the Book of Mormon is true, that Joseph Smith is a true prophet, and that Jesus is the Christ. This spiritual witness or experience is powerful and potent and I would feel like a traitor to myself and those who know me if I were to pretend it never happened. I have had many many such spiritual experiences over the years. They have come as I have sought them, kept the commandments taught in my church, listened to the modern prophet and leader of my church, and all reconfirm to me that, although I do not know all things about life or about God, as a Mormon, I am on the right path. A more practical explanation for my being a Mormon involves my time as a teenager. In my teenage years I was involved in various forms of fun, entertainment, groups of friends, and walks of life. Sometimes it seemed there are so many to choose from. I sought for happiness through different activities with friends. I made certain personal decisions and felt much sorrow. In the end, the light of life, the joy of life, personal strength, and greater success all came when I began to diligently pray and read the Book of Mormon. In that book I learned what God is all about. How He operates and how to come close to Him. I think it cleared up many strange ideas for me, strange ideas that I had acquired over the years. As the months passed, I began to notice a change in my life. My circle of friends changed. I was happier. I did better in school, and I wanted to learn more about God. This change confirmed for me two things: (1) that as Joseph Smith said, by abiding by the teachings of the Book of Mormon a person would get closer to God, and (2) independent of my parents, my friends who believed, or my friends who did not believe, I knew for myself that the Book of Mormon was true and that this church was the right place to be in.

How I live my faith

My faith affects my life in many ways. One way is my life outside of church or Sunday worship, my daily life. Another way is in my church attendance itself. Besides the day to day actions, on a grand scale my faith gives purpose and overall direction to my life. Because of my faith, my thoughts, goals, and aspirations are fairly constant and shape many of my desires and decisions. Because of my beliefs, I worship and practice my religion on a daily basis, most often in the form of prayer and gospel study. In prayer I speak with a God who listens to my requests, joys, and sorrows. Oftentimes through prayer I receive direction from God. For me prayer can be refreshing, a form of work, a time of reflection, time for repentance, and a way to strengthen my relationship with Deity. Studying the scriptures also helps me enhance my relationship with Deity. While studying I receive direction as God emphasizes certain words and phrases in my heart and mind. I find answers to my questions. I learn truth. I am edified. Studying and applying the scriptures have helped me get the gospel of Jesus Christ inside of me a permanent part of me. Church meetings occur weekly. As with prayer and scripture study, they are edifying, refreshing, and sacred. Additionally, attending church gives me a chance to show love to my fellow brothers and sisters. Because our church does not have paid ministers, I often help by passing the sacrament to the congregation or by teaching a lesson on a gospel topic. At church I renew my promises with God (the sacrament) and learn to serve others. My faith most certainly influences my life goals. It does not dictate what kind of a person or personality I must be, but it does mark the important milestones for a disciple of Jesus Christ. Thanks to the general direction from the church and its leaders combined with direction from God in my personal life, I am able both to strictly follow commandments and also adapt true principles fit my circumstances.