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Hi I'm Shawn

I am an aspiring philanthropist. I was my university's mascot. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am proud to be what I would consider a well rounded individual. I played the trumpet in several bands in high school and my favorite, by far, was jazz. I was also a wrestler in high school, being ranked second team all-state and first, all-conference. When I got to college, I discovered how cool, athletic, and influential Cosmo, the school mascot, was. No one in the school knew who was the man behind the mask, but he was immediately everyone's best friend. To me, Cosmo seemed unrestricted and invincible; he never failed to put the biggest smile on the grumpiest person's face. It didn't take long to know that becoming Cosmo was my new goal. Within three years, I had made it! I was the happiest man on campus. For work, I was able to raise over $130,000 for student scholarships, helping those who had no funds for school to be able to get an education. And in my free time, I had a secret life of of making adults smile, and making kids laugh. I was able to work, everyday, thinking of what I could do for someone else and it became my passion. Not to say that I am not passionate about my other interests of rock-climbing, snowboarding, and so on; but it's nothing like being able to give of yourself physically and mentally for the benefit of others. I'm graduated now as a pre-med student with a minor in business, and can no longer work or play as I could the last four years of my life. But the passion still remains and I am driven to do more for others now than ever before!

Why I am a Mormon

Out of the many reasons I could give for choosing to follow this faith, I feel the most important lies in that the Holy Ghost has witnessed to me the truthfulness of this gospel. Regardless of any other evidence supporting or denying these doctrines, the only evidence I choose to rely on for my faith is this spiritual witness. It is only through this witness that I know Jesus Christ is my Savior. I know that our Father in Heaven loves each of His children and chooses to lead His church with order of apostles and prophets called today. I know that all the keys and powers of the priesthood were restored to the earth through the prophet, Joseph Smith; and that those powers were given to us to use and bless the lives of God's children. Through the priesthood, we are more capable to perform the work of God here on Earth; we can baptize and bless with the proper authority and be sealed to our families forever. The spirit has witnessed to me that this priesthood allows our marriage covenants to extend past death and on into the eternities. I have learned personally, through my prayerful communication with God, that He has a plan for each of His children. This plan, being formed prior to this life, encompasses so much more than we experience here on Earth. After being ordained with the priesthood, I have the promise to have the constant companionship of Holy Ghost, so long as I remain worthy of it. That companionship helps me everyday of my life to know where I am going and what decisions to make in order to be the most prepared to meet God when this life has come to an end. And even on those days when I feel distant from that spirit and maybe when my life isn't in accordance with the gospel, I remember what my Father has already revealed to me; and even when life seems to be closing in around me, the memory of that spiritual knowledge beings me everlasting hope. So, why am I a Mormon? Because I have asked and sought for truth, and the spirit has born witness this is it.

How I live my faith

I view my life as only being as blessed as I want to make it. I have a true passion for teaching others what I have learned for myself to be true. I realized this passion as I served as a Mormon Missionary in Michigan for two years. The first girl I taught had only ever heard the name, Jesus Christ, but had never had any type of discussion about him. I testified of who he is as our Savior, that she is a literal daughter of our father in Heaven, and that God has a plan for each of His children on Earth to return to Him one day. That experience changed her life forever and encompasses what I spent every moment of my life thinking about for those two years. Since that time, I have been able to continually teach my friends and family about the gospel at church and in their homes. I have had opportunities to show that faith through community service for those in need. I loved being able to volunteer in the battered women's shelter, visit my elders in retirement homes, and organize service projects for the parks and community. I love the people in my life and everyday I try to make a new friend. Whatever I set out to do, I strive to do it well and whatever role I play, I do my best to be amazing. I take pleasure in accomplishing my goals. I have faith in the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and I believe that the Lord has a powerful interest in the lives of His children.