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Hi I'm Riley

I'm from Provo Utah. I can do a backflip on skis. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am an undergraduate student at BYU. I haven't really decided what my major will be, but in the meantime I'm discovering much about myself and other people. I spend a lot of time making things. I have a pair of shoes that I designed, made, and wear on a regular basis. I love working with clay to create sculpture and pottery. I use several original bowls, mugs, and vases as kitchenware and decoration. I enjoy creating art; it gives me an opportunity to contribute something beautiful to the world. I've spent time acting the stage, interning in engineering labs, playing on soccer fields - and I've loved it all. I love to spend my time doing, becoming. I love to talk about new ideas, and I love to develop them further. Whether it's a paper's thesis or a business idea, an artistic concept or a potential social movement. I think that there is beauty in all knowledge and I love to learn from other people and discuss their ideas and opinions, especially if something about their background is monumentally different from mine. I find myself constantly being reinvented as I meet new people and have new experiences that give me an opportunity to reflect on myself and the world. I love life! I love being alive. I love waking up and walking outside because I'm ready to do something, ready to become something, and excited to do both. Rainy days are just as good as snowy days, and snowy days are just as good as sunny ones. Every day is new, different, and exciting; I love it.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the Church, as were both of my parents. Even so I can point to specific events and decisions in my life where I personally decided that this is what I wanted, for myself. When I am not maintaining the personal goals that I've set to help me live according to the gospel there's an almost tangible difference. The upside of that is that when I'm doing better, I feel better! It feels like there are angels to attend to me, a solid point I can hold onto. My mother asked me once why I lived the gospel. She understood something important: a choice to be a member of this church and live accordingly must be a personal choice. The determination to follow through can't come from a script written by someone else. If my mom were the drive behind the way I lived then I'd stop living it soon after moving out. Well I haven't stopped living it. The spiritual fortitude that I have gained has helped me overcome what felt like monumental challenges. It's lifted me up to places from which I never want to drop. We were never meant to go through life alone. Through the gospel we should never have to.

How I live my faith

The gospel is something that I take with me everywhere. I think that there is more than one way to do just about anything, and when you do something with the spirit behind you it always works out better. And even if it doesn't work out it's not nearly as big of a deal. I become a more effective, happy, meaningful individual when I'm living in harmony with the savior's teachings. I am a member of a student congregation on BYU's campus, and as part of that I teach gospel centered classes at weekly meetings. Most of the time I find that all of the material I can prepare can do little to match the knowledge and wisdom that my peers bring collectively. When we come together to learn with the help of the spirit beautiful things happen. It would be blasphemous to say that as the formally recognized teacher I am entirely responsible for the power and guidance we gain there. When studying the gospel there is a distinct feeling separate from the academic world I am accustomed too. Along with others in our congregation I try to be available and easy to reach so that should anyone need help or a friend we are somewhere to turn. I also have to opportunity to benefit from the generosity of others because the culture we create is focused outward. Kindness and service are not unusual, they are the social norm.