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Hi I'm Kurt Heimbigner

I'm from Utah. I love to sing and play piano. I'm a missionary in the Albuquerque, New Mexico mission.

About Me

I am currently serving a mission in the New Mexico, Albuquerque USA mission. I grew up in South Jordan, Utah where I learned how to play the piano and sing. I love to sing when I get the opportunity, but my greatest love is to play the piano. There is a connection that I feel I can have with a piano that is unlike anything else. it's like coming home. To me, music isn't about the language or understanding the words that someone is singing or the music that they are playing. Music is all about what the artist is feeling and what their performance makes you feel. Everyone has their own individual connections with a song. This very personal connection is the epitome of how our relationship can be with our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Every time I play sacred music in our faith (called Hymns) I feel great satisfaction in knowing that as I perform, I am sharing my deepest beliefs with everyone who is listening. I am not a man with talent in public speaking, so I choose rather to share my testimony through the music that I perform. I feel that this also strengthens my testimony (beliefs) and allows me to strengthen my relationship with my Heavenly Father as I continue to testify of Him and His Son.

Why I am a Mormon

Well, I could start out by saying the usual for any life-long member of His Church. I was born into it and I've always been a member my whole life, but being 'just a member' doesn't mean that I am converted to His gospel. It is through the miracles and testimony-building experiences in my life that have led me to be truly converted to His gospel. In saying that I mean that events have occurred that have made me even more certain that God does exist and that he is actively engaged in my life. At many different points in my life, I have simply felt in my heart that this is indeed the true Church of Jesus Christ in these latter days. This feeling comes from the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is God's messenger to us. He simply testifies of truth. This witness of truth can come in many forms. To describe how I feel this witness, I feel a peace in my heart. I feel in my heart and in my mind that 'this is good' or 'this is right.' I know that this is how Heavenly Father (God) speaks to me. Because I have this communication in my life, I know that when I pray, my prayers are heard and answered daily. This is how I have been converted. This is how I know who my Heavenly Father. This is how I know that Jesus Christ died for me and many others so that we could have the opportunity through the Atonement to be truly happy. This, is why I am a Mormon

How I live my faith

I strongly believe in walking the walk. When I say that I believe in doing something, or that I believe others should do something, I expect myself to be following those same guidelines. We have such a prime example of that attribute in Jesus Christ. He never asked anyone to do anything that he either would not do, or has not already done. Being an example, to me, is extremely important because I have many friends who are not members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I am one of their only reference points for what a member should do and what a member actually does. By living the gospel and following the commandments, my friends have grown a great respect for members of the Church. I know that through this example and through the blessings I have in my life because of the way I live, my friends already are interested in finding out more about the gospel. One day, perhaps they will also be able to share in the blessings that I have because of this wonderful Gospel.

Who was Joseph Smith?

Kurt Heimbigner
Joseph Smith Jr. was a young man, living in New York at the time, who had a question. His question was which Church or denomination was the true church? He asked this because he wanted to do what was right and join the same church that Jesus Christ established in His earthly ministry, but had no idea which of all the churches if any were indeed that same church. His relentless search for the truth led him to read James 1:5 'If any man lack wisdom, let him ask of God who giveth to all me liberally and upbraideth not and it shall be given him.' This led him to do the logical thing; that is, ask God. For if anyone knew which church was God's church, it would surely be God who knew the answer to Joseph's question. So, on one spring morning, Joseph Smith Jr. went to a grove in the woods near his home and prayed vocally to the Lord for the answer to his question. Through a visitation from God and His Son, Jesus Christ, Joseph Smith learned that none of the Churches were true. Through the power of God and the direction of God and Jesus Christ, Joseph Smith was called by God to be a prophet, just as Moses and Abraham of old were called as God's prophets. A few years after that visitation, the location of the Book of Mormon (then being an Old Egyptian language engraved on metal plates) was made known unto Joseph Smith and by the power and authority of God, Joseph was able to translate these plates; thus creating the paper-bound Books of Mormon that can be seen and read by all today. Show more Show less