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Hi I'm Jen Walsh

I'm a loving mother, devoted wife, 8th grade math special needs math teacher, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love my family- the one I grew up with and the one I have now. Family is the most important thing to me! I am the oldest of 6 children. I grew up having a sister with hearing impaiment, brother with ADD, and a sister with Develomental Apprexia, and a brother with attachment disorder. That's what got me interested in becoming a teacher and helping children with special needs. My parents went out of their way to make sure my brothers and sisters and I all got along, building bonds and relationships that would support us for a lifetime. They are still an active part of my life, even though I am married and have children of my own. I am married and have 2 wonderful daughters. My husband makes me laugh and enjoy life every day. We are entering the teenage years of parenting our daughters (15 and 13 years old)- which I think will be the most challenging. Now is the time they get to try out and discover if the values, ethics, and convictions my husband and I tried to instill in them are what they would choose for themselves as they proceed throughout their own lives. It's a scary time as a parent- you hope you did enough, have to let them learn from mistakes, and can't control every aspect of their life anymore. We are still an active part of their lives- but in more of a supportive, leading, guiding role- instead of a central force. The church and the gospel have helped shape who I am, how I parent, and how I love and care for my family.

Why I am a Mormon

I was brought up in the church- so I don't really know any other way of life. That being said, I don't think I would choose any other way. I've seen what other's people's lives and families are like and it seems like something would be missing if I didn't have the knowledge I have of the gospel. The church is a way of life for me- not just some place I go on Sunday, but something that is part of who I am everyday. It affects my relationship with my husband, children, neighbors, co-workers. Because of the experiences I've had in my life, I know that I am not alone as I go through trials and challenges. I have family and friends to help me, but there are those times when you feel alone and don't know which way to turn. That is when I turn to the Lord and pray. If he didn't exist, or he didn't know me as one of his children- then I would be alone and have no hope. But... He is there! He does know me- he knows what I need, how to help me, what people to place in my life to help me. His son, Jesus Christ gave the ultimate example and sacrifice for us to follow. Once, I was struggling, feeling bad about a mistake I made. The words came into my mind; "You can't take that pain away, but you can make it worth it." Knowing I had made a mistake, causing my Savior to suffer as he went through the atonement in Gethsemane was heartbreaking, but knowing I could learn from that mistake and never do it again made the pain He suffered "worth it." As I live my life with my family- I have decided that I need to make each moment "worth it." I need them to know they are worth all of my time and best efforts. I want to be with them forever. My family is my life, and when it boils down to it- that is what the gospel and church are to me- Family. We are all God's children, he wants us to return to him so we can all be together as a family. That's all! The way we get through this life is helping each other get there. That's the church- that's the gospel

How I live my faith

Each morning I begin my day by reading a chapter from the Book of Mormon. It's different that the Bible- because it is easier to read and understand. It talks of family struggles, people struggling to stand up for what's right in a world that doesn't want to listen. I can relate to a lot of those situations in my own life, with my own family. The people who wrote the Book of Mormon- ancient prophets- struggled with their life's problems, but found the peace and comfort they needed by turning to the Lord, relying on what they knew to be true, and having faith in our Savior, Jesus Christ. I try to do the same thing. Reading the Book of Mormon each day helps me get through my day. Each week we try to schedule some family time to build relationships with each other. Sometimes is just a discussion about concerns some of us have, sometimes it's planning a vacation, sometimes it's an activity or yard work- but we do it together and it makes a difference. We know we are there for each other as we try to figure out the best path for our family to take as we go through out life. Often we also include some of our friends or neighbors. I have a calling (job) at church. I teach a lesson to our women's organization (Relief Society) once a month. I really enjoy preparing thoughts, quotes and questions that get a discussion going with the group. Every time I teach, I find that I learn so much and they end up teaching me through the discussions and experiences they share. We've discussed everything from saving money, to helping wayward children, to life after death, to strengthening our knowledge of the Savior. The women of the world have a powerful influence in the world- whether it be in the walls of their own homes or in the communities where they work and reside. It's amazing to be part of an organization that brings all the women together that enriches and strengthen's our efforts to make the world a better place as we try to teach ourselves and our families.