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Hi I'm James

I grew up in small Texas towns near Dallas joined US Marines at 17 and spent 10 yrs as a professional competitive dancer

About Me

Good Morning. I'm a free-spirited performance artist working on my directorial debut with a new ballet form.

Why I am a Mormon

I got hurt as a teenager and I let that infect me with anger and hate. I fell further and faster from the Lord and found myself wallowing with the pigs of humanity. It was an important experience and I learned alot. After 10 years I slowly began to open up. My manager, and probably best friend at the time, invited me and the other dancer to a weekly prayer. I was aversive for a while, when once I started going I didn't want to stop. She changed the lives of all of us who worked there. She is still a trusted friend, confidant and counselor. The weekly prayers became discussions, then studies and we moved on to published christian programs like "The Purpose Driven Life". I was changing. I was becoming humble. I wanted a different life. In 2005, I went to the local LDS chapel on a sunday morning. After Sacrament meeting I slipped out and found a small empty room and closed the door. I placed a chair in front of me and kneeled down. Like the prophet, Joseph Smith, My words were held back by a force not my own. I think I was only aware of that dark power because I was seeking God. If I had never changed my course of self-destruction, I never would have known it was there, guiding me by the noose around my neck. I forced my body to obey me, my voice a whisper- barely audible, and my prayer came trickling out through a crack in the dam that would soon engulf me.

How I live my faith

I wear it on my sleeve. Everywhere I go, I tell people I'm a Mormon. I love the church and want to leave a good impression for people.

Why is it important for us to take care of our bodies? Why are our bodies called temples of God in the Bible?

This body I have been given and blessed with is not my own to do with what I please without consequence. It is a gift from God and I will answer to the Lord for how I used it or abused it. This body has been promised to me for all time and and eternity, through the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This is not a vehicle I drive until the warranty expires and then trade in for a newer model. This is not an easy concept for many people in America to understand, where everything is disposable and for convenience. How many Americans even keep a car long enough to pay off the debt they took on in order to use the vehicle? Imagine you had to drive the car you have now for the rest of your life, no matter what happened to it? How would you care for it differently than you do now? Would you still put toxins on the gas tank even if they boost performance for a mile or two? Would you paint a mural on the doors if you knew you'd have to drive that car to job interviews and client meetings for the rest of your life? Would you neglect care and maintenance causing irrevocable damage and possibly leaving you without a vehicle for the rest of your life, limiting your opportunities and experiences? My body IS a Temple of God, built by His hands, and it is the only one I'll ever get. That is why it's important to me to care for it as the gift it is. And by doing so, God blesses me temporally and spiritually, allowing me to have a fuller joy and happiness in this life and the one to come. Show more Show less