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Hi I'm Heather June

I'm living the dream along side my better half as he and I keep up with our 6 adopted darlings, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm employed by 2 princesses and 4 court jesters. 12 years of marriage passed before beginning this parenting chapter of life. Infertility lead us to adoption. We decided foster care to adopt would be the way for us achieve our dream. Before motherhood, I worked in medical and dental office management. I do plan to complete a degree, but the time is not quiet right with a 2 year old, 2 fifth graders, a 6th , a 7th and an 8th grader. Getting them to complete their nightly assignments is quite enough homework for now! I'm also a dog enthusiast. When I see one, I must pet it. A stubborn, spunky beagle with nearly human facial expressions, has permanent residency in my heart. He offered comfort and amusement during our struggle to start our family. He lived to age 13, then passed his C&A duties on to our newly acquired children. Between loads of laundry my life is full of humor, quick wit, long standing inside jokes with my man, hiking nearby trails, photo journaling, reading, organizing, home décor, playing piano, helping out in classrooms, volunteering in my community, amateur cake decorating (compensated with "oh's and ah's" from my kids) and hosting family/friend gatherings. Cooking is something I'm trying to build a better relationship with. It and I are becoming better acquainted, not BFF's, but closer than just passersby.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born and raised by parents who are active Mormons. Through their example I came to recognized that the happiness they shared with each other and our family, came from living the gospel. I chose to be baptized at eight years of age. During my growing years my testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ grew. I learned for myself through my own choices good and bad, that I'm happier when I follow the commandments of God. My religion gives me purpose, confidence in who I am, goals to work toward and many opportunities to learn and grow as I serve in various capacities. Living the standards of my faith help me to be a more devoted wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend. Knowing I am part of the same organization which existed during Christ's ministry on earth propels me to want to share it with everyone I meet, so they also can be part of His great work and feel the peace of knowing he is still directing His work today. I know we are children of a loving God, our Heavenly Father. He directed his Son, Jesus Christ, in the creation of this beautiful world. He trusts us to use our agency to make our own choices. He gives us help to make choices which will lead us back to his presence, through the direction he gives to modern prophets and ancient prophets through the scriptures. The Book of Mormon is Christ's gospel in its fullness. Joseph Smith, Jr., is who God choose to translate it's pages for our own understanding. He is a true prophet of God and Russell M. Nelson is the living prophet today. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, “a Mormon” because within my religion I've found true happiness.

How I live my faith

I'm a social person. I like getting to know my neighbors while out with my gaggle. At church I’ve enjoyed volunteering alongside many dynamite women as we have coordinated activities for the youth. Our focused group are girls ages 12-18. We teach their Sunday lesson instruction and carry out weekly activities. Examples of activities are: Plan and shop for 3 meals on a budget. (Taking sixteen 12-13 yr olds to the grocery store was something! Sure, they planned meals like spaghetti and frozen pizza, but they all did come in under budget!), I loved giving my time to this program. We even took the girls camping where they've proven able to weather storms, sun, and fierce winds! Currently I have the privilege of having the assignment to minister to other ladies who attend church with me. We enjoy getting to know each other through chatting about daily life. We help each other during times of illness, loss, etc. by providing meals, rides, childcare, cleaning, and any other need we can meet. I've been blessed with many strong and lasting friendships through the years through our joint participation as "Sister Ministers”- I also have participated in the children's program by teaching Sunday classes, and piano accompaniment. At home I love teaching the gospel to my children through daily family prayer, reading the scriptures together, and having a fun, gospel centered activity each Monday night. My boys participate in scouts and my daughter enjoys goal centered activities for girls through Church programs. I desire for my children to become compassionate and confident individuals of faith and integrity as they take their places in society.

What is the Atonement of Jesus Christ? Why was it necessary for Jesus Christ to sacrifice His life?

Heather June
This lifetime is a time for us to learn and grow; to gain experience through the trials and the joys life offers. Our Heavenly Father loves each one of us and desires for us to return to his presence when our mortal life ends. To enable our return He provided a Savior for us His son, Jesus Christ. I know Jesus experienced all the afflictions each of us are faced with during his life on Earth. This gave him the ability to make up the difference. As we truly repent of and be forgiven of all our sins and short comings. He will redeem us from all that we struggle to endure and overcome. Our Savior's choice to die for us and be resurrected is a gift available to all; we too will be resurrected! Applying the Atonement in our lives requires both faith and action on our part. I know as we follow His example and be baptized by immersion and confirmed by true priesthood authority, receive the Holy Ghost by listening and act on promptings given, receive sacred temple ordinances, keep the commandments, and daily try to do and be better through service to others, we will have done our part. Where we fall short, Christ's Atonement makes up the difference and we can return to live with Him and Heavenly Father forever where we will continue to learn and progress. I do not comprehend the 'how' of it all, but I know that it is real, and available to all who will receive it. Show more Show less

What blessings can you receive from reading the Book of Mormon, the Bible, and other scriptures?

Heather June
As I entered my teenage and college years I studied all the scriptures in religion classes (LDS Seminary/Institute Programs). Through asking God, I gained for myself a firm knowledge of their truthfulness. The scriptures continue to give me strength and encouragement in all the challenges life brings. Within their pages we are taught of the plan our Heavenly Father has for each one of his children. I know the scriptures both ancient and modern day were given to us by God through his holy prophets. He continues to guide us in our time with true and living prophets. To Joseph Smith, Jr. God revealed translation of a record of the ancient people of the American Continent. This record is the Book of Mormon, which contains the account of the establishment of these people and their interactions with the resurrected Jesus Christ. Russell M. Nelson is the true prophet of God on the earth today. I know that I am a daughter of God, with great potential. This knowledge helps me to also see others for who they really are, children of God. It continues to be the source of courage needed in daily life where so many other sources demean, and exploit both men and women making them feel the need to look, dress, and act contrary to their divine attributes. The scriptures encourage me to live my religion and promise me that if I prove faithful, I will be rewarded with lasting true happiness. Show more Show less

What is the Church’s position on abortion?

Heather June
My life has been blessed by mothers who chose not to abort their children. I agree with the position which the Church takes on the subject of abortion. "The Church opposes abortion and counsels us not to submit to or perform an abortion except in rare cases..." Procreative power is a gift from God, given to men and women. God commands us to use it only within the holy bonds of matrimony, wherein a man and wife have promised to be completely devoted to one another and the family they have the power to create. When a child is created and the parents are not committed to each other, let alone to raising the child, too often abortion is used as a means to dispose of something that is seen as "inconvenient". A child is not an inconvenience. I believe firmly that individuals who take part in abortions due to irresponsibility will face immense regret. I beg for any one reading this who may be considering abortion or knows of someone who is, to please reconsider. Again, my life has been blessed by mothers who did not abort their children. Through the miracle of adoption I am a mother, my husband is a father, and my children have a wonderful life as part of a loving family. Show more Show less