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Hi I'm Israel Martinez Angeles

I'm Israel and I know that my testimony is true

About Me

Through my hole life I've been experiencing changes that have marked me and build my caracter things that I've never thought would happen and many of those hard times when you feel that would be easier just to give up or to choose the easy way when it seems that if you do what is rigth you will be ending being alone is in those moments when something inside me encourage me to choose the rigth and to kneel down and pray and is during those prayers when I get the strength to suffer my aflictions with patience and to stop crying and stand up with faith and then.... testify to those that don't believe that I know this is true and that nothing and nobody will make me deny that I know this is true the trials will come the foes will gather the storm will strive to destroy but my Lord and my God will not let me fall down in darkness my Savior will not let me be destroyed Yes. Jesus Christ ...........the one that I serve the one that I love and as Paul I will be happy to pass through all those thing in his name Yes This is ALL about Him ......yes.... Jesus Christ our Lord and now as a missionary of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Why I am a Mormon

I was born in a diferent religion because my parents and family I do believe that in other religions there are marvelous and awesome people that are real seekers of God and of the true I admire them and they inspire me to be more like my savior and I'm sure that they are tools in God's hands to help his children and I know that every true seeker of God every true diciple of Christ would keep looking to get to know more of our Savior and would truly make a sincere effort to find the true every were I am a Mormon because I believe JesusChrist did stablish a church here in the earth during his ministry among men (as the new testament testifies) and that just as ancient prophets said there would be a time when the true church will be not longer on the earth(apostasy) BUT that there will be a "time of the restauration of all things" and that has already take place in our time the evidence of this restauration of the original church of JesusChrist is the "Book of Mormon"that I have read it and ponder about it and also I have ask the Father in a sicere prayer to know if is true and I have recived an answer from him trhough the Holy Ghost (Galatians 5:22) and I know that every true follower of the true and every true follower of Christ will try this experiment in order to know the true

How I live my faith

I live my faith........... LIVING IT really really living it striving to live it with all my heart migth mind and strength and Why? well because it is not just about my faith it is All about our Savior and Redemer the Lord Jesus Christ in every little desision of every day I have the oportunity to show my faith and act opon my faith James in the Bible says that "Faith without works is dead"(James 2:17-26)(Romans 2:13) a prophet in the Book of Mormon said that we are saved by grace "after all we can do"2Nephi25:23" and I do believe that without Christ we can not be saved but he won't do our part that is fallow him and obeing his comandments I know this to be true because I have ask in sicere prayer with real intention to God (see Moroni 10:3-5) and I believe that is until you really live your faith when you really beging to live

What is the Book of Mormon?

Israel Martinez Angeles
The Book of Mormon is the convincent evidence that Jesus is the Christ our Savior and Redemer and that the Father does not do exeptions of people and that He is the same yesterday today and forever is the evidence that the Original Church of Jesus-Christ has been restored after many years of being lost and that His Priesthood Autority has been restore too in order to perform the nesesary ordinances that allows us to return and live with Him and to get to know if this is true you have to read it ponder and then ASK God in the name of Christ specifically if the Book of Mormon is true and he will let you know that is true by the power of the Holy Ghost (for more information about Where did the Book of Mormon come from? or any other Question see Mormon.org)I know that the Book of Mormon is the Word of God I know it is true Show more Show less

How can I know Mormonism is true?

Israel Martinez Angeles
to those that are truly looking for the truth, that really want to follow JesusChrist....There is a way to know if these things are true or not. God has provided a way to know if this church is His church here on earth. and it is by the Book of Mormon....in such book there is a Promise that if you read, ponder about and pray specifically to know if the Book of Mormon is true Then The Holy Ghost will let you know that is true I offer my humble testimony that even if I don't know many things. this I do Know and is that Jesus is our Savior and that The Book of Mormon is true as well this Church is His Church on earth and with his autority. The House of God is a House of Order and He is the same yesterday today and forever.. I know this because I have made the experiment of Read.Ponder an Pray to know if this is true(for more information about Where did the Book of Mormon come from? or any other Question see Mormon.org) I can not deny this and with all my heart I share it with you in the name of my Savior and your Savior JesusChrist.amen Show more Show less