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Hi I'm Richard

I was born in California and have been active in Boy Scouts my entire life. I have 18 grandchildren and wonderful wife.

About Me

Every adult knows that you have to make a choice; do you raise kids or do the things you think you want to do. When my wife and I married, we decided we wanted to have kids. We didn't really see tis as a sacrifice at the time as to what we would be giving up, but looking back it is plain that we gave up many things. Both of us love to travel, speak several languages and have a deep interest in other lands as well as arts and music. We spent many of our dates at art museums and going to plays and musical events. Small children definitely reduce both your free time and money to spend on going to cultural events. Not to mention that most theaters aren't understanding about small children and the noise they make. What we did was reading Narnia Tales, The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings at bedtime, not to mention every Dr. Seuss there is. Culture was seeing the wonder in their eyes watching Disney movies as well as discovering music through singing, playing instruments and acting. Traveling was taking them to Grandma's house and sporting events they were involved in. Languages was teaching them and seeing them go off on their own. One more thing. We received their love and we love them, something no amount of travel, no visiting of musuems or attending cultural events could replace. I coached competition soccer for 12 years so my boys could play. My wife coached our daughter in softball. I have helped my boys and many others by serving in the BSA for more than 25 years. I am happy.

Why I am a Mormon

We have an intellectual bent in our family. We study and respect learning and knowledge. Both my wife and I have advanced degrees and so do 2 of our sons, with others currently seeking more education as well as our daughters-in-law. So why do we live by faith and follow Jesus Christ, the Son of God? There are three good reasons. 1 - Knowledge of the universe consists of observations to determine information, which can be considered at least neutral, although it actually testifies of Christ and God in the universe. It certainly does not disprove God. 2 - I know I am not smart enought to know all things. As I examine the intricate interlocking of laws that make life and the universe possible, however, I do recognize the hand of one who has loved me enough to make this world possible for me and all of us. 3 - I have prayed humbly to know if this is true. I have studied and I have sought to obey the laws upon which answers are predicated. And I have received answers which unequivocably have told me that this is the true Church, that Joseph Smith was called to be a prophet in our time, and that Jesus Christ is the living Son of the Most High God. As I have followed the commandments, I have found great joy, and so has my family.

How I live my faith

Most of adult life I have been involved with the young men in Scouting. I have been a Webelos Den leader, Cubmaster 4 times, Roundtable cub trainer, Cub POWWOW trainer 2 years, Scoutmaster 2 times, Assistant Scoutmaster, 2 times, Unit Commissioner twice, Committee Chairman twice as well as on the Scout and Cub Committees several times. Currently I support the District on Eagle Boards as well as train and help my ward carry out Scouting. I have also been in leadership and teaching in Sunday School, the Priesthood and missionary activities. Why do I work in Scouts, though? In preparing the world for the second coming of our Savior, the rising generation must be ready. Scouting is the activity arm for the Aaronic Priesthood, our young men's program. It provides them with leadership opportunities, teaches them to serve and provides adventure. They gain character as they do this. It is an honor to help them and serve the Savior by preparing these young men to become fine fathers and husbands themselves.

What is the Atonement of Jesus Christ? Why was it necessary for Jesus Christ to sacrifice His life?

The atonement is critical for each of us. No one goes through life without making mistakes, and I have made some serious ones. The Savior knew this would happen, and while he will not prevent us from doing these things, he will relieve us of the eternal consequences if we repent and follow his commandments. He does save us in our sins but from our sins through his grace, but only if we follow him. Show more Show less