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Hi I'm Jared Smith

I'm a student and a fiancee. I love aviation and music. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm in the middle of my senior year of my undergrad; pursuing a a degree in Communication. I thoroughly enjoy the process and work that goes into creating news, ideas and understanding. Though my degree is in Communication, I plan to got to flight school upon my fiancee's graduation and fly commercially. It's always been a dream, and I find myself looking at the clouds while walking to and from classes on campus. It's definitely my passion. I'm engaged to a lovely lady named Kristin. She is a jewel in every sense of the word. I love her dearly, and anxiously wait for Dec. 20 when her and I are married for all eternity in the Denver Colorado temple. I enjoy music quite a bit. I sing regularly around the apartment, while studying and at work. I play often in a small band of friends for school talent events; playing guitar, bass and vocals. I enjoy singing for all occasions: church, events, bonfires, etc. My dream is to one day own a plane, a small jet, and use it to help people out. If resources were unlimited, I would use it to fly fiends and family around. I would take it overseas and help with refugee airlifts, humanitarian projects, help other members of my faith get to temples where they do not have access to one; all at no cost to them. This would fuse my passion to flying, as well as my love for my faith and others.

Why I am a Mormon

From a young age, I have had experiences that transcend the normal routines of daily life. They feel like I'm a tiny individual on this Earth, yet coupled with that feeling of being small, I feel an overwhelming abundance of love from a higher power or being. I believe and know these feeling to be from God, and I cherish them. I'm born and raised in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. However, I've had to come to understand, formulate and know my beliefs independently. Throughout my teenage years, I came to understand the meaning of obedience. That continues today; as I try to live according to the teachings of Christ while trying to help others around me. I hold to me faith in part because of the release and comfort that came when I turned my life around from addiction. Though it no longer plagues my life, I was never able to break away from the depression, negativity, physical and mental withdrawals until I gave it up and offered that damaged part of myself to Jesus Christ for healing and forgiveness. And it worked. It happened, and it always does for those who try and truly want it. I have read, and continue to read the Book of Mormon, Bible and teachings of living prophets in the current day. All these combined point me in the direction I want. Their teachings and lessons bring joy, not fear. Truth is found in these divine media. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. That he wasn't very popular among many in his day, or even today, doesn't matter to me. What matters to me are the fruits that Christ spoke of in the Sermon on the Mount; how one can test the fruits, or works, of a prophet to see if they are true. I've done this. I believe that truth can be found in both science and religion. Both pursue the fullness of truth. And I love to study in both. Stuff works and exists due to natural means and processes, all overseen by a loving and omniscient God. I see both routes as different paths heading toward the same summit of truth.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by studying in the scriptures each day. I love to spend time in them, contemplating the lives, words and actions of those people who came before who believe the same gospel. It's refreshing to see how my situation and theirs are similar. Time and technology, culture and language are really the only differences. I have a duty in the church to oversee a small group, about 23, men of the church and try to be a leader, teacher, friend and example for them. I look after their spiritual and temporal welfare, and make sure they are doing alright in their schoolwork and personal life. It's kind of like a big brother who keeps tabs on his family to make sure they are alright. I also have a similar responsibility to look after a few people in the congregation I attend on a monthly (usually I check in a few times per month) basis. I try to be a friend, a listening ear for them, as well as give them a spiritual/motivational though when I visit. I think of how Christ looked after others, was a friend to them and helped them out whenever He could and try to emulate that example. It helps so much to know that there's someone there when I'm having a bad time. And I try to be that person. I study and work hard in school and in my part-time job as a career and academic adviser for students at the university. There is so much in the world of literature, science, communication and business to learn, and I try to make the best of my brain by learning as much as I can. I figure God gave me a brain, I should probably use it. I'm blessed with the ability and opportunity to study at the collegiate level, and I try to keep my grades and results as high as I can. Lastly, I live my faith my treating my body and mind with respect. I like to read up on current events. There's a lot of good in the world. I keep addictive substances out, and spend time in the gym regularly to keep healthy. God gave me so much, I want to respect it all.