What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Kirt

My Core beleif is that you never fail, until you stop trying and I'm proud to be a mormon!

About Me

I make movies and write stories about Incredible adventures, And I love sharing them with as many people as I can. Many of my films exist on YouTube! I have always had a passion for telling stories, and I love coming up with ways to entertain people and make their lives more enjoyable. I grew up in Pleasant Grove, Utah in a family of seven where I am the last. I attend school at Utah Valley University and am studying Digital Media. One Day I hope to be able to share my ideas with people on much larger scale. A lot of my ideas originate from my beliefs in the Mormon church. Some of my favorite things are Doctor Who, Kirby (The little pink guy), Adventure, Games, Camping, and my Family and Friends. I find a lot of joy in spending time with my friends and family, I want everyone to have a good time wherever we go. They all say that I am a dominent Yellow Personality, I guess that means I like to have Fun. :) There are always a lot of obstacles in our lives, even at church. I beleive in the words of Albert Einstien, who said: "You Never Fail Until, You Stop Trying" When life gets tough, I keep that in mind. I want to share it with the rest of the world. God doesn't want us to give up. He knows our potential, and he knows that if we keep moving forward, we can reach it. I keep moving forward.

Why I am a Mormon

I suppose didn't always beleive in the church, at least not as an active member of it. As I grew up, I never felt really welcome in my home ward, but because of the love I felt for my family I chose to keep going. I never felt like my family forced me, they were always just there to encourage me to move forward. I always wanted to be with them forever, No other church can offer that or does! I wanted that so badly that I was able to hold on for 21 years. It was at that point that I decided to serve a mission. Though having gone so long, I struggled to beleive whether god existed and cared about me or not. I had difficulty recognizing the spirit, I always have. I thought that before I go out for two years that I had better know that this was all true. I was reading in the book of Enos, when he talks about how God forgave him of his sins. I so wanted to be Enos at that moment, I wanted to know that God was real, and I wanted to know that my sins were forgiven. So I made the choice to Go out and Pray about it for myself. I know now from an incredible experience with Unflinching Knowledge, that God is Real. That he Does Care, that he does love his children, each and every one of us! Even one like me, one of 8 Billian children on one small planet of 8 in one small system of Millions, in one tiny galaxy in a universe of billions upon billions of others throughout the entire past and future. He Cares about Me. I will love him forever for that. And that is why I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

It seems that there are both great pains and great joys in life! Even though there is great pain as well, I have come to learn through my trials that there is always a purpose to everything, and there is always a cause for everything, sometimes visable and sometimes invisible, but it's there. I have noticed that even the painful trials are good, if not a growing experience than maybe it can be something you can share with someone else who needs a helping hand in getting through the same trial. The greatest lesson I have ever learned in my life, is to endure. Albert Einstein said "You never fail, until you stop trying". I live my life to that phrase. I beleive that we can Endure anything, because Christ did. Christ Endured All things, there is nothing that we cannot over-come when we turn to him. I am grateful for him and for what he did for me. I beleive that the purpose of existence is to be Happy and the Purpose of life is to learn "How to be Happy". The Scriptures say "This life is the time for men to prepare to meet God." The entire point of this life is to grow and become better people. If we are not progressing forward that we are falling back. Never Give Up, there is so much Joy and happiness in the life to come. I want it so badly. If we fail to take advantage of this great opportunity in our life to work hard and become what God wants us to become, than we are giving up, if we are giving up, than we are failing. I know unflinchingly that God exists.

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

Noone is required to serve a mission, it is a privilage that a person can choose of there own free will. It is a chance to leave behind all that you have in the world for a short time so as to be able to serve god. I chose to serve a mission because of my family who I love very much. I chose to leave my family for a short time so that I could help others be with thier families for Eternity. Show more Show less

What is the Law of Chastity?

The Law of Chastity, originates from the 7th Commandment "Thou shalt not commit adultery" and just like Jesus fullfilled it in his time, asking us to keep our thoughts clean, Modern Day prophets have magnified upon it to explain even deeper meaning. In a nutshell, the law of chastity states complete sexual purity before marriage and, loyalty to ones spouse after marriage. It also states that Marriage should be between a man and a woman. The Law of Chastity deepens with striving to keep our thoughts, words, and actions pure. Families are essential to Gods plan and therefore, we should value them above all else, and protect them. Breaking the Law of Chastity easilly can destroy both present and future families. In keeping this commandment, we are blessed with Confidence. When we have confidence we have the ability to accomplish anything! Show more Show less