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Hi I'm Rob

I'm a Mormon because God kept after me even when I tried to ignore Him.

About Me

I am a convert who has spent years looking for God. I have found God in every dark corner, in many churches, on the streets of many different places but somehow I still felt incomplete. I have long been a wanderer. I known many places as home. For much of my life I was running from myself or my past; from my immoral and sinful behaviors. I let life's circumstances take possession of my weel being. I forgot to live. I lived to avoid the deep ache inside of me. When I was in my thirties I discovered the only true comfort came from God. I was raised catholic. I was an alcoholic and I had been plagued with a lifetime of "bad decisions". I was certain it was anybody's fault but mine. For me God works in strange and mysterious ways. His eternal Love and Kindness have been forever present in my life. And now it is so obvious, how could God's blessings not be forever present in my life? The Heavenly Father gave me life and then sent his Son, Jesus, to suffer and die on the Cross so I would not have to suffer, so I would not have to carry the weight of my transgressions any longer than I choose to.

Why I am a Mormon

God has been patient and generous with me. Every time I turned my back on God He would walk by me silently waiting for my plea for help. He never left me alone. He never turned a blind eye to me. It mattered not to the Heavenly Father nor his Son Jesus what foul things I said or I had done. For the Eternal Prescence of the Holy Ghost was always inside of me waiting for an opening. As soon as my heart ceased to fight against all that I know to be wholesome and good, I was filled and renewed. But I am stubborn and so often I took that completeness of God loving's satisfaction and again turned away to seek after what I thought I needed or wanted. God in my experience has been relentless. He would not leave me alone. "Hey Rob, are you done trying to avoid me?" Hey Rob, you don't have to suffer like this?" "I am here for you, you are a child of Mine." I can not tell you how many times in my life God has created miracles right before my very eyes just to get my attention. When I was little I knew God was calling me but I was too young to understand. As a result I came into adulthood unprepared to be a responsible member of society. At seventeen I had prayed with a friend and his minister at a small local church and I repeated the prayer that they explained would make me a born again christian. I wish I could say my life changed; but I didn't change. I continued to struggle for years upon years. The short end of the story is that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has become THE instrument by which God holds me close and continues to heal me and keep me healthy. I find comfort in other spiritual/religious gatherings but none of them have done for me what the Priesthood of the Church has done for me. My story is so much longer than there is space for but it is my honest and sincere testimony that being a member of this Church is what God desires of me and I desire of my own freewill. I share these words with you in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

How I live my faith

Today I live my faith by being reverent to what I believe is God's will for me. I strive to live The Words of Wisdom. I eat healthy, I stay physically fit and I do not enjoin my being with substances which I know to be unhealthy. I am a single adult male who remains chaste because I trust God's will for me. I read or listen to Scriptures daily. I pray many times a day. I seek to be of service to God and all his people. I continue to keep an open mind and invite opportunities for spiritual growth and understanding into my life.

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

I know God exists because I am alive and well. I have encountered many circumstances where I should not have survived except for the grace of God. I could share with you scriptures or stories from this source or some other but it is by the simple fact that I live and breathe as a free and healthy human being that I know of the existence of God. I wish I could simply impart to you the wonders of my life or show you the miracles He has brought into existence to awaken my own heart to his ever loving presence. The following quote is from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints' Articles of Faith: "We believe in being honest, true, chaste, benevolent, virtuous, and in doing good to all men; indeed, we may say that we follow the admonition of Paul-We believe all things, we hope all things, we have endured many things, and hope to be able to endure all things. If there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things." I would invite you to reread this last sentence, "If there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things." It is my report to all who have come to wonder, that God does exist and He is good and praiseworthy for He hath seen fit to raise me from the heaps of the masses of humanity and awaken me as I have never lived before. So please seek after God. Seek with an earnest heart and soul and I promise you you will find your own proof of God's existence. Show more Show less