What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Aric

I am from a super small town in Kansas. I love my family, almost every sport, dogs, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Hello world! I am Aric! I am a only child and very close to my parents. I am someone who just loves to be outside: Fishing, Camping, Hiking, Playing sports, missionary work, and dogs! When i return home from my mission i will be going on to finish my last year of college as a Project Management Major! There is so much to love about the lives that we have been given! There is so much to learn, and to do! Why not enjoy them all! Even if that occasionally means sleeping in, and watching movies! Along with enjoying the quiet and simple things in life! I love where I am from, and I love my family with all of my heart! Hopefully i can continue someday to share this gospel with a family of my own and watch them learn and grow as well!

Why I am a Mormon

Me and my parents are converts to the church! I was younger and do not remember our religion. But we were not active in that church. One day i remember all of the sudden these two guys that had dropped by our house and were talking a lot to my parents about church. Since around that time we have gotten baptized, and became members of the one true church with all the powers and authority of the priesthood. That is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! This church has done so much to help me improve my life! Things from keeping me healthy, teaching me things that i need to do to be with my family forever! Along with how i can help all of my family members that came before my time to be together as well! Remember though all of us have made mistakes in our lives! No matter if we are members or not! Through our savior Jesus Christ we can be forgiven and move on! That is something that we can truly do and do the right way through the principles and ordinances of his gospel. I am very thankful for the good example all of my other church friends have been to me over the years, and how the help me strengthen my faith, while growing closer to the savior! This is Why I'm Mormon! It may not seem like much but it is always different for every single one of us!

How I live my faith

I live my faith by just trying to live and be the example for others that i should be. I look at it as a lot of people are visual learners. If this be true than my example can really be important for others! As i strive to live the commandments of God, and follow his counsel which comes from our scriptures the bible, the book of mormon, and following the counsel of our modern day prophets. Currently I am following the lords counsel to teach the gospel to all of the world. I am serving as a full time missionary in the Philippines! It is an extremely great blessing and the lord has not only blessed me, but has blessed my family as well! There are many things that we can learn while we are in the service of our fellow god, and our fellow man. As I try to do my best to live the life that I should, and follow the examples of faith lived before me! Before my mission i have had the callings of being in the elders qurom presidency of our church, sunday school teacher, and youth leader as well! These callings helped me learn not only from older people, but also from younger ones as well! There are things that we can learn from everyone. As that is why the lord has given us these callings. Not only to help us act in faith, but to show our faith and dedication towards him. We must be willing just like Abraham to do anything that the lord asks us! As long as we know that it is true in our hearts and we have real intent! There are several ways to live our faith, we are all different and have different challenges in life, but we can help each other over come them through our faith in the lord Jesus Christ.

What is a ward/stake/branch?

Simply a ward/stake/branch is a place where we go to church to worship God, renew our covenants through the sacrament. All three of these are just names for the amount of people that meet in that area. It is where our church services are held, and we meet with other people of our church, and others whom wish to join us. While we are at church we develop friendships with others people, and help each other grow in faith. When we become friends at we can help one another overcome burdens, and problems. Show more Show less

What is being a Mormon like?

Being a Mormon is interestingly exciting. There are several things in this life that we need to do! Read scriptures, pray, go to church. These are things that are very important for us. They help us have joy, and even help us become happier than we think we can be. I look at it as an opportunity even though I am different because I am a Mormon, there are so many great things too it! I think! In what ways do i feel joy and happiness! When I am with my family! The fact that I am a member of this church, has given me the chance to partake of being with them forever. What more could someone want in their life! Whether or not i am in a different country or no matter what happens to me or my family! I know that if I do the things I should I can be with the forever! I look at being a Mormon as a blessing, and a chance to be and example in my words, thoughts, deeds, and actions to all of those who are not members of this church. Show more Show less