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Hi I'm Erich Gubler

I'm Erich Gubler. I'm a nerd who loves his wife, son, students, programming, and serving others as much as I can.

About Me

I'm a young man in his 20s. I'm a programmer, a husband, and a professor. I'm a return missionary of the Lord Jesus Christ, having served in Brazil and learned the Portuguese language.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born in the church, but true religion, as I discovered, isn't tradition. I spent most of my life under the loving influence of parents faithful to the LDS religion, but still had to discover for myself what was true before having any convictions. Through the steps that I taught as a missionary, I was able to develop a relationship with God and learned to communicate with Him personally: prayer, reading the Book of Mormon and the Bible, pondering the truth in them, and asking God to confirm those truths in my heart. I did all of those -- and through them God gave me "the answer" that many people in the Church talk about. It wasn't a spectacular display that confirmed to me the Church was true -- it was the unmistakable feelings of peace that persisted with my experiences reading the Book of Mormon and applying what I learned from it. I have seen time and time again that same peace come to those who do likewise, from family members and friends to acquaintances I knew for only a few weeks. I have absolute confidence that I am a part of His true Church, and am grateful that God was patient with me during the time of my mission where I was given the opportunity to learn for myself who I am, who Heavenly Father is, and what He expects of me.

How I live my faith

Firstly, I do my best to take care of my wife and my unborn son. I'm going to be a father soon! At work and in my community I try my best to use my technical and musical talents to uplift others. With a degree in Computer Science, it's easy to find needs to fill with modern technology. My greatest desire for the technology I develop and train others to use is to enable others to take care of themselves. At church, I love playing the organ on Sunday and making the meetings there an environment in which the Lord can speak to my neighbors and friends. Every month, I make an effort to visit people in my congregation so we know each other, so they know that if they ever are in need they can count on at least this neighbor to be there. I know that the Savior is always there for me, and that He expects me to be the same for the brothers and sisters around that He loves just as much as me.

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

Erich Gubler
As the official Church answer says, there is a strong tradition of missionary service in the Church, but in the end the choice is a voluntary one, and one's standing in the Church is not affected because they do not serve a mission. Before I left on my mission I suffered from (and continue to deal with) a strong case of ADD, which was crippling to my ability to make good decisions and persevere in commitments. While on my mission, Heavenly Father blessed me and helped me to develop ways to deal with the weaknesses that I still have to handle. I learned about my mind, and how to take care of it so that I could focus properly. I still have to attend to the needs I learned on my mission, but because I am aware of them and know that Heavenly Father will help me with them I always have confidence that I can be the man I know my family, friends, and coworkers need me to be. I know, without a doubt, that Christ enabled me to daily overcome the challenges my mind faces. I love Him. While serving in Brazil, He taught me things that, judging from my peers, would have taken decades to learn otherwise. I learned to take care of myself, and became familiar with what I was capable with His blessings and strength. He taught me who I am, and what I live for every day because of what I learned when I served a mission. I know that although my mind is broken in subtle but unavoidable ways, He can still use me to bless others and help them learn the same things I've learned about themselves. Show more Show less