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Hi I'm Brook

I'm a Mormon. I grew up in Washington. Joined the Army. Moved around lots. Settled in Alaska.

About Me

I loved to crochet before I got Arthritis. I like to watch Anime and movies that are clean and its really a challenge.,I like to read a good book when there is time and I am done teaching. My favorite animal is the bear. I use love soda, chocolate, or Ice cream for a treat but can no longer have them. I am still learning what fruit I like because I am learning to like it.I listen to Dub-step, 80's songs after reading the lyrics, the good oldies, and of course Christmas music of all sorts, some Gospel and of course Hyms. I am a mother. Heavenly father blessed me with several births but has given me the opportunities to practice my mothering skills with 1 little girl who still lives with me. She has many needs that require extra support and she teaches me many things everyday.while I homeschool her. I am a wife and still learning how to fulfill this calling everyday as it changes with a drop of a hat. Quite literally. I recently became pretty stricken from movement and suffer from a very painful disease that makes me so I feel like I am not being the wife I would like or need to be. I am interested in learning new things and keeping up with my education.You will find me constantly studying on things like Sanitation, recipes and nutrition, herbal remedies and organization and other things that have my attention to teach or learn from. When I am not doing that I am finding things my child would like to learn.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a convert.Being a Mormon made me a better person. It helped me understand my heavenly Father better and his son Jesus Christ. It answered many questions I had. It helped solidify many things I thought and believed to be the truth but had no scriptures to back it. The Book of Mormon had the scriptures I needed. I had a strong fascination in spirits, souls and what happens after death. I believe in spirit visitations and needed to fulfill a promise to one of getting dead ancestors into heaven. THE Church of Jesus Christ had scriptures and revelation that could help me fulfill that promise. I had back slid and came back with a renewed passion and belief that this church is the truth. Living the "Mormon life" made me happy. I realized how much I took for granted and the blessings Heavenly Father gave me for attending this church. When I attended my fear of death lessened and when I had back slid death gave me huge anxiety because I knew I had not lived the way I needed to. The science I learned, the dreams I have had, the things I questioned and pondered all made more sense. I could understand people better and the things of the world and things that have happened to me. I even understood other peoples religions better as I could see where they stemmed from. I am more willing to make changes and except truths about myself that will make me a better and happier person for my God, for myself, and those around me.

How I live my faith

I start out the day with a kiss and prayer with my husband. I homeschool so when my child and I are up at the same time she fixes me breakfast and brings me food to me where I sit waiting because i cant move because of my disease. We bless our food. we eat and have a lesson. I always like to point out things how god leaves us little messages in science. How the everything on the earth was a gift to us and made with the spirit. Some times I will find a relevant scripture or talk on our subject that I can fit in. If we finish early we have lunch bless it and watch an Anime. Before we start a new anime we search its tittle and see its raiting. Even when we read that rating is appropriate when we watch it there is 3 strikes. If it does anything we feel innapropriate or makes it uncomfortable it gets a strike unless it was just flat gross and its done. I usually say Watching this is not going to get us in heaven. My daughter agrees. When her dad gets home dinner gets fixed and we bless it and eat and watch some shows. Before bed he says the family prayer. Soon after we all head to our rooms. I say my prayers and read my scriptures and if I do not fall asleep I will play some game that relax me and then say a prayer again before falling asleep. I start the day out with my own prayer when I wake up ( to be honest though I do not always remember and its a big jolt of realization when I do and immediately remedy it by calling my heavenly father thanking him for another day of life and new chance to start over. I then ask him what I want for me, ALL MY FAMILY this means friends and church members and people I would like to meet and hopefully touch with the spirit. Sometimes I get that chance. I talk about my church all the time to the point that MANY people have removed me from facebook including family. Its strange but all the ones living a clean moral life have stayed with me and only those who should be suffering from mass amount guilt have not.