felipe moris: Mormon.

Hi I'm felipe moris

About Me

I love play sports, travel, shopping, I speak Spanish, English and Portuguese. I saw al the marvelous thinks that the lord has for me and all the world...I born in the gospel and is a felling that you heart can't hold because is so great share this gospel with other people that all this can change there lifes.

Why I am a Mormon

because I born in the gospel and is the best path in my life, to help my friend's or every one to give a better understanding, because this gospel change many life's in the world and how many blessings they have in their families now.

Personal Stories

Please share your feelings/testimony of the Restoration of the Gospel.

the prophet Joseph smith was call of god to restore the gospel in the earth in this last dispensation. and give the opportunity to those gain testimony of his divinity work.

How I live my faith

my faith in this gospel is growing more and more and help me to increase my testimony and my knowledge in the gospel of Jesus Christ. and apply all these things in my life, as Elder Jeffrey R. Holland says " how your finish your mission... is how star your life"when we finish our mission we lose the authority to preach and baptize, but after we married we have that opportunity to preach and baptize our futures sons and daughters, and that is a great blessing in our life's again.but this is wonderful to have this blessings in my life, have faith is the first step of this gospel, faith is belive in thinks that we don't see but belive that are there.