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Hi I'm Danny

Intrigued with the stories of man, the unique blend of literature, travel, and culture quenches my soul's thirst! I'm a Mormon.

About Me

An introvert. A solitary soul. A child of thought (too much, I'd say) Really, there's a past as fuzzy as the future. It was an especially bleak world for me as I grew up. My sense of direction and purpose were non-existent. Although I would hang out with friends, grow up with a family, and go to school with classmates, the life I was revolving around was dry-- desolate. It hit its lowest apex when I was just laying down on the bed one afternoon, looking straight at the plain white ceiling. Shoot. What am I doing with my life? A time of doing things I wasn't really supposed to do legally and otherwise, I thought about myself-- the past, present, and future. The shallowness overcame me. I was a shell. I needed to do something with my life. An optimist quitting his cynical perspective, life has been a bit more interesting-- it has more flavor. The void left empty has been slowly filled with the pen and the paper. Journaling helped me take my mind off of the world- I was in my own little place. It was relaxing; a chance to be with myself. Reading, too helped me discover myself. Being immersed in the world of Sylvia Plath, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Oscar Wilde was, and still is, an unforgettable experience. Now on top of that, I have discovered the world of blogs. I'm continually improving- repairing the damages. I'm not a perfect person nor will I be close to it. It's the fact that I make mistakes that makes me so incredibly human. Progress enables satisfaction.

Why I am a Mormon

Growing up, it wasn't very happy-go-lucky-- though I was blessed with food and shelter, it was still tough. In high school, I was caught up in a fiasco involving the Child Protection Agency that shouldn't have happened. That spurred mom and dad to part their ways. It was simply a time of confusion-- what the heck is going on? Why am I feeling so resentful-- of others-- of myself? It was such a pivotal period of time for me, yet I fell-- caught up in familiar spirits, ghastly fogs of mind-alterers, and pricks of wooziness. Surprisingly, I stayed more or less intact with the experiences-- no rehab clinic. No strait jacket. Through it all, though, I was roaming some several churches, looking for faith and meaning in my existence-- what am I doing with my life? Anywho, as I was looking around, I have met with various institutions that provided uplifting support-- Pastor Ravi Zacharias and the McLean Bible Church, my aunt and uncle's Evangelist Presbyterian Church, and my mom's Korean Catholic church-- the religion I originally came from. Baptism. I thought this was something I needed. Something was telling me, but I couldn't quite put a finger on why and where. I was told I was baptised as an infant in the Catholic Church. I didn't think that that was enough. I was told that I didn't quite need to be baptised in the other Christian churches, yet I saw some people in those congregations get baptised-- why not me? Not long after, I had a running buddy who talked about his church. He told me of some fantastic story of Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon, and prophets. He told me to get my life back together and get baptised. So I did and here I am. Life is still hard. I have seen more deaths then than I ever did now. The end result was PTSD. I'm still coping, yet there is assurance-- a light that I could not have seen otherwise. It will get better. There's so much assurance in a better future that I press on-- more than I could ever have imagined.

How I live my faith

It's definitely not easy. Faith. Repentance. Baptism. Receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. Enduring to the end. These are the essential doctrines that all people in the church are taught. As simple as they may look, it's extraordinarily difficult to follow. I rely on God's grace to help me through the times I cannot get through by myself. I always seek to find what I'm truly grateful for in my life. It really wasn't all like that. Before 2012, I was different. I had to work in order to find these truths that I can now apply in my life to know God better than I could ever have just by myself. I had found Him through the example of a friend. I had found Him through the hands of just people. He was found in the doctrines of charity and hope that was exhibited by the people who have accepted me as their own. Even so, living with a testimony of a living God isn't all that daisies and sunshine, especially if it's tested by your peers at every living moment of your life. My faith has bent. My faith has shaken. It has been in the verge of snapping into two rather early in my conversion. However, with a faith in what I believe, I know there is hope of restoration. Things will get better. That hope that I hold on to is paramount in the belief that I sustain. Without it, I am nothing. It is a sacrament to my essence. In synopsis, I suppose the best way to live the faith is to talk the talk and walk the walk. The world is a mostly good place, but with honest people, it can be an even better place. I aim to be who I want to be.

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

In the words of a very wise man, if you see a scene of disaster and tragedy in the news, there will be horror and there will be grief. Midst the turmoil and the sadness, there will be people consoling the victims-- the volunteers assisting with the recovery. No matter what, there will ALWAYS be helpers. This is how I know God exists. Show more Show less