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Hi I'm Brenda Fielding

I'm a mother of 8. A songwriter. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I gradutated from BYU in education. Although I've never held a full time job, I used my knowledge I gained to raise my 8 children. During the chaos of everyday life, if seemed the only quiet uninterrupted time I had was to write my music in the middle of the night. I eventually raised the resources to make my own CD by breeding English Bulldogs. I always had a dream to live in a house with secret passageways. I built a house in 2007 with 2 secret doors and a hidden staircase up to a finished attic and a slide that goes down to a game room. I love geneology and finding my ancestors and painting. The other things we have done is we have bought over 34 properties, fixed them up and resold most of them. We started a restaurant in 1992 and expanded it into 4 locations, ran it for 15 years and then sold our half to our partner in 2007. We have had many successes but many, many failures. We started a tree company in 2003 which is what we currently run.

Why I am a Mormon

It's the truth. When you see and hear the truth, it resonates. I have a peaceful assurance that I know what I have is true. It all makes sense and there are answers to my everyday life in the scriptures, in particular, the Book of Mormon. It was written by prophets on the American continent 600 years before Christ. I don't know why it's so hard for people to "believe" that there could be another record on another continent testifying of Christ. That is what it is. It's so pure to understand. I also love the church because of it's outreaching hands to all people of every nation and every people. With 58,000 missionaries around the world and the humanitarian programs, we help so many people, not just with money like a government would do, but help the people to help themselves. Once you nourish the spiriitual health in people, they create miracles in their own lives.

How I live my faith

I am over the 14 and 15 year old girls. I plan activities for them every Wednesday. I love them, I love teaching them new skills like cooking, sewing, knitting, and how to serve. They are so eager to do good and to improve themselves. The Personal Progress program is a program for girls 12-18 that gives them a set amount of things to do and has them set goals for themselves. They also learn to study the scriptures and to listen to the spirit. This is invaluable as they work through normal teenager problems and issues in their lives. I have also worked in the boy scout program and the music programs as I'm also the ward organist. The most fun thing we do is Family Home Evening. That has been such a blessing for our family over the years because we not only use it as a more casual teaching time but we try to do a short, fun activity. Many times we've had down right brawls too, ha, but on the most part, it's such a sweet memory for us, now that our children are growing up and leaving home. We also try to keep the Sabbath Day holy. We have a "Passport" list. Every kid needs to do 6 passports every Sunday. Each passport is 15 to 20 min long. We DVR all sports to be watched later, after 7 pm. We have had the sweetest Sundays, the children making their own personal list from the big list and then "working" to complete the Passport list. Different list items may be: 1. Make a treat and share it with another family 2. Read your scriptures 3. Watch a "church video" (Living Scriptures" 4. Take a walk with a sibling and talk 5. Draw while listening to "church music" (LDS artists), 6. Work on Personal Progress or make a plan for scouting and merit badges 7. Memorize a scripture 8. Write a letter to a relative (not an email) 9. Visit someone that's sick or an elderly person 10. Do Geneology on Ancestry.com etc. There are about 20 to choose from. This is something I highly recommend to everyone. It will bring such a feeling of happiness in your home.