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Hi I'm Mary

I want to be the next Renee Flemming. I'm an award winning writer. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Hello! My name is Mary. I love books—my favorite color is blue....that's about all I can say in German. I'm currently attending college—where I took German for a semester—studying music as my major. When people ask me what I want to do with my degree I reply that I'm hoping to be an Opera Singer, and that my dream role is Mimi from La Boheme. I tell them nothing moves me so much as music and the stories they tell. What I don't tell them is that if a singing career doesn't work out my backup plan is to be a fantasy writer. Sometimes I think I should just tell people I'm planning on being poor. Luckily I have a family of eight that tells me I can do it if I really want it. I have five siblings. One older brother, one younger brother and three younger sisters. Having five siblings means being on the go most of the time to performances and games which is also why I sometimes feel most at home in our family van. In our free time you will most likely be able to catch my family at Disneyland, the dollar theater, or Taco Tuesdays at Del Taco. Of course Del Taco makes the list mostly because it's open 24/7 and most of our free time is between 10pm and 12:00 am.

Why I am a Mormon

Having grown up with parents who were members I grew up with the gospel. I grew up with the stories and teachings. I loved the church and believed it was true. However when I was about 13 I began to wonder whether I was merely a member because my parents were. Did I really know the church was true without a shadow of a doubt? Late at night I would lay awake and worry over the possibility that there was no God. One such night I was in tears over the possibility that my beliefs were foolishness. I tried to brush away the fear but it stayed. Eventually I'd had enough. I crept out of my room and into my moms walk in closet where I knelt on the floor. My prayer was simply, “Are you there.” Then I opened my book of Mormon. However I couldn't tell you a single word I read because no sooner did I open the book than I felt a profound warmth wash over me. In that moment I knew for myself was that there was a God and that I was a member of his church. I'm a Mormon because the gospel has brought me unspeakable peace and happiness. Because the truths within are indisputable. God loves me and sent his son to be my Redeemer. There is a plan for me and my family. We are going to be together for ever. I am a Mormon because I know its true.

How I live my faith

In my church ward I've done several callings. When I was in high school I was in a president position for the the girls near my age in my ward. In this calling I strove to welcome girls who were either coming from younger classes in our ward or had moved into the ward and neighborhood. We had activities every Wednesday night that I helped plan where we did service for those in the neighborhood, learned skills, and generally tried to have fun with one another. Having been a very shy teenager this calling gave me the opportunity to get outside of myself by looking out for others. I found myself wondering wheregirls were when they didn't come to church and activities and aching to help them feel loved. Later in my life I had the opportunity to lead the music in our main meeting on Sunday. Which meant I had to learn how to lead music...and keep time. My ward was very forgiving as I began to learn. I also had the opportunity to be called as a visiting teacher in my ward. Every sister at the age of 16 gets two or three sisters they are assigned to visit and get to know. While I have not always been the greatest at this calling I have felt the blessings of it. I can't tell you the amount of times a well timed note or box oreos from my visiting teachers has warmed my life and reminded me that I am loved.