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Hi I'm Care'n

I am a mom of 4, grandmother to 8 and a professional chef. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Being a mom was always important to me, however I went about the process in an unconventional way. I had my first two children without being married, and by two different fathers. I always have been a very independent woman, and that was my attempt at putting my own stamp on my uniqueness, or not. I love all forms of creativity, whether it be (for me) cooking, jewelry making, glass bead creation with MAP fuel, painting, quilting or even entering the county fair with my inventions from my kitchen. I love all types of animals, except snakes...there is something to be said about the bibical reference to serpents being evil! I rode horses when I was younger, English saddle, and still have a huge spot in my heart for the equine arena. And yes, I had a NASCAR license for a year. Street Stock, Modified and good 'ol half mile dirt track & the smell of race fuel ~ heaven! I am sure most folks consider themselves to be unique, I just want to make the most of what I have been blessed with.

Why I am a Mormon

My journey to being a member of this church was a winding and intense experience. For many years I was searching for a spiritual expression that felt right for me. I tried many religions, including Buddhism, born again Christian, etc. I was a chef in a resturant when one of the servers came up to me and said "I think you would make a great member of my church". I asked which church would that be, and she told me The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I pretty much laughed in her face, saying there is NO way I would consider joining your church! Mind you, she was an inactive member of the LDS church, but must have seen something in me that triggered the invitation, who knows? She invited me to a "concert" that was featuring the Osmonds. She offered me free babysitting for my 2 year old (I was a single mom) so I agreed. We heard many speakers testify of the glory of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know it was the Holy Spirit testifying to me the truthfulness of the speakers. As I was leaving, I was offered a free memento of the meeting, that would be delivered by "two representatives" of the Church. Those two young men showed up at my house 2 days later, As they were leaving, they gave me homework, they said, "Think of 2 quesitons you have about the Church that you don't already know". I was stumped until I thought of a cousin that died of SIDS when he was 9 months old and my mom had told me he was going to "limbo" because he had not been baptized yet (Catholic doctrine). So I asked "What happens to babies who don't get baptized and then die? Moroni 8:8 was shown to me, I broke down and KNEW that was true. 6 days later I joined the Church. What I didn't tell them was I was pregnant with my second son, and had an appt for an abortion the day I was to be baptized. I didn't go thru with it and that child grew up, served a Mission in Argentina, married in the Temple and has been instrumental for many conversions thru his example and love of the Gospel.

How I live my faith

I love to serve in the Church, no matter where I have lived! Being a professional chef, I am asked to help a lot with "feeding the masses" when there are events and activities. Ever since I joined the Church, my talents have been increased, I have a sense of purpose for those talents and the blessings I receive from serving others far out last any time spent in the kitchen/campfire/reception etc. I am very active in my community both politically and socially. I got involved with a grass roots program that acts as a watch group for Seniors and their rights for fair housing. I feel I should live the Gospel in my everyday life, not just on Sundays. I feel Christ is my perfect example of how to treat others, especially those less fortunate than myself. My faith and my testimony of the truth I have been taught have carried me thru the depths of depression and raised me to new levels of understanding of what Heavenly Father's plan is for me as well as the rest of the world. He loves me. He wants the best for me. He also has trusted me with the choices I need to make to accomplish good things. I want to return to His kingdom with the ability to say, I did my best even if I fell down from time to time. I know He will forgive me for those failings and His son paid the price through His atonement. This is the secret of a successful, loving life. Forgive as you are forgiven.