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Hi I'm Joshua Shupe

I write music. I write stories. And I try to be a defining influence in the lives of my friends and strangers. I am a Mormon.

About Me

Overall, I could defined as an observer. Beyond my personal hobbies which include playing video games and other nonsense, I love thinking about people. Their interactions, why they do the things they do. I observe, ponder, and compare the observations I make with my own thoughts and actions to discover universal truths. Besides that, I guess I stay at home too much. The computer is my center of business as I use Sibelius (music composing program) to make my musical ideas come to life. I also play piano. I'm not all that great, since I can only play pieces that I've written. I can read the music, but not well enough or confidently enough to play at events, or to sightread while anyone else is around. And if I am not writing music on the computer, I am writing literature. Poetry. Short stories. Essays. I love the art of communication through word, spoken or written. I love the ideas that formulate as I write, or as I read what others have written. I love art. I love to analyse it and find the deeper meaning of things. For I am a firm believer that all things have a meaning. It need not be too deep or emotional, but all things have a purpose or meaningful influence that is worth considering - even if the creator did not intend such meaning. I define myself by these things I do, by these thoughts that I have. Beyond that, I live in a town where few Mormons reside. I have good friends, members and not. I love people, even if I sometimes doubt their intentions. This is me.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the church, and raised by a fantastic mother and father. Looking back now, I see the joy of innocence as I accepted what I was taught without doubt and with complete trust. But I find that a defining moment of my testimony came when my father and mother were divorced. I found new questions and ideas in my mind as my mother sought comfort within the gospel, and as my father seemed to flee from it. These different forces: pull and push - created very serious questions and realities within my naturally sincere mind. Why would dad do that? He claimed once that he was doing it for a good reason. Is that reason better than what the Gospel offers? But isn't the gospel the best choice? If it's not the best choice, then isn't it false? But mom seems to be leaning upon it. Should I lean upon it? And of course, as all people must do in matters of faith - I found myself seeking a personal witness and reason to stay within the church. Fore I found the other ideas of this world all very intriguing, and possible (for I like to think that I have an open mind), and as such, it was hard to discover what the TRUTH within all these ideas regarding existence and meaning might be. And so I thought about the church. I studied it. I remembered back to all I was taught as a youth, and found more material to study. I opened my mind to other ideas to compare which made more sense when seen together and in and of itself. And the truth is, it all checked out. The gospel makes so much sense. The lost truths that should have been known so long ago have been restored. No other ideology has answered so many questions so fully. And, on the spiritual side of things, I felt the peace that the Gospel brought. I felt that gentle feeling in my heart as I read the Book of Mormon, whether all things were understood or not. I cannot doubt such feelings. I need the Gospel now. It defines my life and my happiness, even if it didn't always do so. Amen.

How I live my faith

I recently graduated high school, and so I have been trying to attend Young Single Adult (YSA) activities. Otherwise, I have been a leader in my respective church age group, whatever age I was, for about five years. I long to give more talks in church, personally. I like to think I have good ideas and messages to share with others, although at the same time I fear that's just me being proud/cocky. Ha. Hard to know sometimes. I, overall, just try to do my personal best to be my personal best. That is all I can do for myself and my community. Some would call that leading my example, but in the end, I cannot force my will or life upon others, so I'll just live my life as best I can, and if I am able to bless others along the way, then more joy for us all!

Are Mormons Christians?

Joshua Shupe
I know that our beliefs regarding the Godhead and Jesus Christ differ from many Christian faiths. But that difference does not matter. I am a Mormon, and I believe that Jesus Christ is my savior and redeemer. I believe that he is my God, and so does every other Mormon I have ever met. I love him, and He loves me. That is as Christian as I think anyone can get. That is as Christian as I know how to be. I use His atonement everyday to the best of my ability. I am a Christian. I am a Mormon. Amen. Show more Show less