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Hi I'm Alexander Bruce Sanborn

I'm a Hard of Hearing with little Deaf on side Mormon, being an awesome and nice gentleman.

About Me

I am hard of hearing individual with little Deaf on side, but can lip-read, as well as speaking by voice, with American Sign Language (ASL) as my second language. My hobbies are sports (basketball, football, baseball), traveling to places to explore and have fun in which I love to do so, hang out as well as having conversation with fellow people on any subject whether it is sensitive or not, writing books as well as reading books, research various things, especially the subject of Deaf culture. Even I don't speak/sign that much, I love to listen a lot and be of help in anyway I can. In addition to my hobbies, I love to play various games such as chess, that I know of, helping others at any given time, serving them any day when I can (which it is one of my personalities). I love to try new things whenever I get the opportunity because I am willingly to take chances for the thrill of my life. Basically, I am an open-minded person who cares about everyone especially myself because that's who, what I am. There's more to about me, so feel free to ask me any thoughts or questions. I'd be happy to provide you the answer you're seeking for.

Why I am a Mormon

Growing up with my family to different Christianity churches, I have kept an open-minded to myself, expressing my thoughts to people around me. Different churches I went to has held the same value lesson from Holy Bible, but not this church I currently go to. Being a member of church since March 13, 2011, I found this church through my past elder brothers at my former residence back in late 2010. They presented me Book of Mormon in which I was familiar with in the past, but never read before. These elder brothers taught me various lessons including why other churches omitted the Book of Mormon from its context of religion history. Growing up being hard of hearing with little Deaf on side, I started to learn from time to time as it opened my eyes to whole new level. I still keep an open-minded as usual because I wanted to get along with everyone else which I still do as I have in the past, and I continue to do so in the upcoming days. I do know the Church, gospel is true, yet I still have to read more for as long as it takes me, day by day, night by night. Being Deaf in the ward, I am proud to be a member of church and continue to be that way for many years to come. In addition to that, I look forward to be in temple when I can, knowing I wanted to be closer to God someday. I do know the church, gospel, Jesus, and Heavenly Father is true, and the Book of Mormon is true. I also do know that Holy Bible is traditionally true. With those books I carry and treasure it well at my residence, these questions and answers I undertake, I will learn the values and will carry with me every day for all eternity. Sometimes I do not read those, but that does not mean I cannot stop there. I have to keep going no matter what goes on in my life, as well as believing my faith. With that said, In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

How I live my faith

Even though I work a lot some of these days, I had the opportunity to do community work with friends and new people I met over that time, mostly with Deaf community including volunteering as helper from different booths at Valley Deaf Festival (located in Central Valley, California). I also did some community with with my Gettysburg Ward in an event called "Mormons Helping Hands" which I was involved last year at Roeding Park, Fresno, CA, doing tasks including raking leaves, picking up trashes, and while with Gettysburg Ward, I participated in various events few times. It is not that much, but I am grateful to be part of it. Of all these I have mentioned, I am grateful for the opportunity to help around a lot, serving others. Like I said, helping others, serving others is one of my personalities because I grew up being that way and that's what makes me special. Even though I do not hold the teaching position in teaching others the value of the religion I am in, I participated as a guide to freely speak others about the church I go to, the beliefs for what it holds, and so forth. I still have a long way to go, especially for all eternity to learn the gospel, to learn the value of the religion I am in now. With patience, faith, hope, trust, and love, along with happiness and few other things, I know my faith will succeed wherever I go, even if it means away from church for while. I will never abandon my church, ever. Feel free to ask me anything.

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

Alexander Bruce Sanborn
We voluntary volunteer to serve a mission or two. It is up to each of us at the age limit posted to each of us to volunteer, making the work for the Lord, for the Heavenly Father we love so much. If we do, we have love and support from everyone we know of, especially Heavenly Father. Even it takes a lot of work during mission, we still have love, patience, hope, trust, and faith that will guide us through day by day, night by night, being strong no matter where, what we are doing. It is our own choice, not others, not even our own family to make us go because it is not the way to be called. I really wanted to go on a mission, however, I am few years past the age limit as an individual. But not all is lost to me, ever, because someday I will get married and with right time and opportunity, I will embark on a mission, serving others, helping others during the missionary. At this time, I enjoy helping, serving others from time to time and I continue to do so in my ward, and also outside my ward. Show more Show less