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Hi I'm Hazel

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Hello! I am studying to receive a degree in Music Education, as well as one in Vocal Performance. My secular life mainly consists of music. I sing both soprano and alto voice, practice and listen to opera on a regular basis, study jazz piano and improvisation, rehearse and perform with, both, the Vocal Jazz and Chamber Singer ensembles at my school, and play in a flute choir every year. Other interests include; philosophy, psychology, writing, astronomy, poetry, marine biology, camping, nature walks, family time, beach trips, dancing like my grandmother, eating ice cream in winter, drinking hot cocoa in summer, accidentally breaking objects, EATING ITALIAN FOOD, watching parts of my body twitch until they stop twitching, following ant trails, neon colored clothing, beating rhythms on my collar bones, watching/reciting Star Wars, making faces while others are conversing, slowly backing away from awkward situations, getting songs stuck in people's heads, trying out different accents, and annoying my mother with my lack of social skills.

Why I am a Mormon

Growing up with no religious background, the words "The end is near" were ingrained in my mind, and ideas of the Apocalypse and Doom's Day were constant nightmares. I knew there were many churches and denominations, and I believed in God, but never thought there would be more to religion than just being a good person, giving thanks, and asking for help from God. I was 12 years old when first introduced to LDS missionaries. I took lessons and was baptized along with three of my sisters at the time. Why shouldn't I have been baptized into a church that claimed to be the one, true church? After I was baptized I waited for a big sign telling me that I was in "the right church". I never received it. I waited, never really acting upon figuring out if it were true or not. As time went by, I grew distant from the church, but still attended. At 16, I dated my best friend. After two months I broke it off, knowing that it was not beneficial to fall in love with him, a nonmember. I envisioned myself marrying in an LDS Temple, getting sealed for time and all eternity, and not just Till Death Do You Part. Time passed, and I was now in college. By my third year I felt alone, bitter, spiritually lost, and somewhat worthless in life. After being persuaded by a friend, I began attending Institute courses. I cannot explain how that impacted my life. Each week I went, sat in the back, and left before anyone noticed. I sat in my car, replayed certain parts that stuck out to me, cried, and prayed, giving thanks for the spirit that I felt. Soon after, I began attending my YSA ward and am now an active member. I did not receive a testimony, or a "sign", after being baptized, but instead when my heart was softened. Humility, meekness, and strength overcame me. I know this church is true and that Jesus Christ restored it through Joseph Smith. I know that we have a living prophet today who receives modern revelation to help and guide us in these days. Most of all, I know that my Savior lives.

How I live my faith

I have been struggling with this topic for a good while now. How can I compare myself to those whose talents save lives, feed the hungry, build shelter for the cold, invent machines that help mankind, and even find cures for diseases? The only thing I excel in is music. I have a good ear. I eat, breath, and live music. Sometimes I think it is too much for anyone else to really understand. My mind will not allow me to think "normally" for one minute. I am constantly thinking about harmonies, chords, and melodic intervals. My biggest passion in life is music. I try my very best to express that passion in all that I do. My talent may not do any physical uplifting, but I make sure that whatever I sing or play, it will emotionally leave an impact. Music is a powerful gift. HIstory itself proves how much humans cannot refrain from it. Music can be used for so much good, but where there is good there is also bad. Good music can uplift and inspire. It can help bring back beloved memories and express things in a way that words or actions cannot. Music is a language, it is poetry, it is second nature, and is the past, present, and future. Without the need for music, sacred hymns, and even masses, would have been in vein. The scriptures speak of choirs of angels and trumpets sounding in heaven. If music were nothing of importance, heaven itself would have no need for it. The biggest way that I live my faith is by allowing the spirit to express Heavenly Father's divine love for music through me as much as it can. In doing so, I am able to participate in both my church and community.