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Hi I'm Sylvi!!

I'm in love with music. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Ever since I was little my Mom had all of my 10 siblings learn to play the piano. I guess my music love bug all started from her!! Since then I have learned to play the guitar, harp, flute, and trumpet to some degree. I feel that once I pick up an instrument it in part becomes a part of me. In the last year I was able to perform my harp in a scholarship program with about 40 other girls my age. From that experience is where I learned the real joys and heartaches of perfroming for people. It also taught me how much pressure a performer is under. Everything from perfecting their music/ skills to being able to handle the stress of putting themselves out there for others. I started dance when I was little also because of my Mom. Unfortunately my Mom gave into my many tantrums over ballet and instead gave me the option of starting tumbling at a local gym. I have taken breaks from tumbling since then but I have really learned to love the sucess of learning new skills. When I was a kid my parents didn't believe in playing any computor games or tv shows. As a kid my sibling and I were kicked outside to make our own fun. We all became such avid readers that my parents would litertally ground me from reading when I got in trouble. I also became someone who found peace in nature while in the mountains, traveling all over the world, and in the simple quiet moments of life.

Why I am a Mormon

I have never had a huge eye opener experience that finally jolted me to the truth that the gopel was true. I have been raised in it by parents who love the gospel with all their hearts. I finally came to the understanding a few years ago that is why I have aways been a....well good Mormon. I haven't ever been a bad kid with any serious problems with any of the standards of the church (which is a blessing I cherish). It may seem like a dream to others...but to me it's just been my life! And I love it! I have found such a peace with Christ in my life. He has healed the scars from my pains and made me whole again. Chirst is really my best friend and will pick me up when I am dragged through the mud of life. All he wants to do is surround me in his love and bring me back to his side forever. The blessing of eternal families was made stark to my whole family when my little sister was accidently ran over by my Dad years ago. The gospel in our lives we have been able to over come the hear break of loosing her so early in life and actually our testimonies have become a missionary tool for others around us. It has been an amazing experience to see the hearts softened once they learn of her story! I know I can be with her and the rest of my family if I keep the commandments through out my life. I love the scriptures and words of modern-day prophets! They always seem to know exactly how to bless and guide my day! I know that Joseph Smith truely translated the Book of Mormon and that he had the power of God while he was restoring this church. President Monson leads the church today and is inpired in all his leadership choices. I know the Book of Mormon can change lives forever if we just let it. I also know that life is a place of learning and perfecting. Some may think that the standards of the church are "restrictive" or too "challenging" but that is the opposite of what the reality of it is! Seek, ponder, and pray it like I have and you will know too!

How I live my faith

I have served on mulitiple councils in the church dealing with the youth. I have always felt frustrated with myself because I wish I that could do more to help the youth around me. But one thing I have learned is that it's more leading by exmple make can be just as effective than anything else. I know with teenagers my age watch each other constantly with unending interest. We want to know what the other will do in certain instances. Almost every Mormon teenager knows exactly what they need to be doing but as everyone knows we don't always do what we are suppose to do. Any kind of example creates a snowball effect and teenagers are sucked right into it. The biggest effect I have learned from working from the youth is what can effect teenagers most is a good example from a friend.