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Hi I'm Aubri Lyn

I am a leader. I don't let T1 Diabetes define me. I'm a wifey & mother. My twin sister and I created a DIY website. I am a Mormon.

About Me

When I turned five, I was diagnosed with T1 Diabetes. Since then, health has become a priority. Despite the challenges that come with diabetes, I don't let it define me. Rather than a ball and chain, diabetes is a hammer and chisel, sculpting me into the person I am to become. I found my passion for empowering women living and working abroad. As a resident of Oxford, England, I developed a love for people of different cultures and backgrounds. While working for the World Wide Organization for Women at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, one of my assignments was The Mother’s Legacy Project: I interviewed refugee women, compiling their stories of struggle and triumph. I graduated with a BS degree in business strategy. While in college, I found my amazing eternal companion whom I love! He is a "murse" (male nurse) and is currently studying to become a heart surgeon at the Mayo Clinic. Especially since becoming a mother, I believe that creativity is the chocolate cake of daily life: it makes life more fulfilling and rich, especially when shared with others. I continue to empower women as a co-founder of The DIY Lighthouse, a website dedicated to inspiring others in their capacity to create. I strive everyday--despite my shortcomings--to make the gospel the center of my life, family, thoughts, and aspirations.

Why I am a Mormon

While growing up, my mother always said, "Friends come and go, but family stays forever." The meaning of that has changed over time as I've grown up, moved away from home, and started a family of my own. My testimony in the gospel has increased because of it's family focus. The gospel is centered around the family. What a beautiful thing! The members of my family really are my best friends, and peace comes knowing that if we try our best and live righteously, "family stays forever". My testimony in the gospel has come slowly over time, and I have always had my "up and downs" in my dedication to living it. I believe that everyone does. That is another part of the gospel that I love. People are not perfect. I'm not perfect. But through the atonement, because of Christ, we can have the hope to one day be perfect, even as He is. I believe that God is god of mercy. I am amazed that as long as we are truly penitent and strive to become better, God will not only forgive us of our imperfections but he will give us strength and hope when we aren't enough by ourselves. I go to church every week because it makes me happy. I wish there were a better way to describe it, but I like the simplicity of it makes it all the more beautiful. When I go to church with a desire to learn something and with a determination to help someone, I always go away feeling hope, peace, a desire to do more, and just happy. Those are the same feelings that I feel after going to the temple. At first I went because my parents did, then I went because I felt obligated, then I went out of fear of sin. Happily, my motive now is because of love. I have truly come to love the spirit I feel at church and at the temple and that love has transformed the way I think and what I do. I have more energy, I have a greater love for people--even those I have never met--and I have better relationships with those I love, especially with my husband. I am a Mormon because of the joy it brings me and those I love.

How I live my faith

Only 8 months after being married and living in a church ward with other young married families, my husband and I were called to serve in a singles ward. It is so fun to be back among those who are striving to become better for their future eternal companions! I've learned so much from them. My husband serves as the 2nd counselor in the bishopric. It was hard, at first, to have him gone from 9 to 6 most Sundays, but I have learned to love the time to ponder. To support my husband, I bring him lunches (except on Fast Sundays) and prepare dinner for when he comes home. Though my role is small, I believe it is important. Priesthood holders need wives who love and serve them. In turn it makes them stronger and happier. The gospel plan is wonderful because of its focus on families! My calling in our ward is to teach the relationships class. I teach the hour between Relief Society/Priesthood and the ward Sacrament meeting. The class is about temple marriage and families, which has forced me to be a little creative as I teach it to single men and women. I don't want to have it be a class for only those who are engaged or dating seriously, so I tailor it to include strengthening relationships with our Savior, family members, roommates, and friends. I have personally grown so much as I've taught. I know that when the bishop calls us to serve in a capacity, it is always an opportunity for growth, so we should be willing to say, "Yes!" no matter what it is. I also live my faith by reading my scriptures everyday; praying before meals, in the morning, and at night; striving to always have a prayer in my heart; dressing modestly; never using fowl language; not watching/listening to bad movies/music; paying my tithing; and keeping the word of wisdom. I know that the happiness and enthusiasm I have for life comes because I live and love the gospel every day. I also strive to be a good wife to my husband and cultivate our relationship together.