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Hi I'm Stephane Gibson

I'm a recently(1st June 2012) converted Mormon.

About Me

I was born to a Catholic family, but I lost my Faith in that Church by the time I was 17yrs old. It left me with a desire of Faith, but no real direction. I did my best over the years to be a good man, kind, helpfull, charitable and all. But in the end the lack of real direction led me down some paths that were not very heavenly(drugs, alchool, porn&strippers), and I didn't really see anything wrong with that. My chilhood and my early adult life wern't very nice to me in spite of my attemps to be nice. Somewhere along the way, I kind of lost my faith and my charitable side. I ended up isolating myself and stopped caring for the world at large. Sadly I even found myself getting mad at God for the state of my life(when I know it wasn't even his fault). The the sister missionaries came to my door, and I welcomed them in. Thanks to them, and the Book of Mormon, I managed to quit drugs and porn, and even gave up a 2 pot of coffee a day habit in less than a month and a half without ever looking back. And finally got Baptized 2 months after I met them (I call them my angels in my prayers!). getting Baptized was the best decision of my life, and I'm now striving to live the Gospel the best I can everyday. It is still a struggle sometimes, with regards to my past and the scars I cary from it, but I will never go back on my covenant and my Faith is groing stronger every day. I do believe in my salvation, and I owe this to my Angels, and their efforts to get me to this point.

Why I am a Mormon

Since I was introduced to the Boo of Mormon, I litterally found the direction I was lacking in my life. In my time with this Church I discovered a poeple who not only preach the Word of Gog, but they actually live it. They not only tell you how you should live to become closer to God, but they actually give you living examples of how you can by the way they live their Faith. I was also pleased to find that the services were so simple and heart felt. The sermons are not given by the same person every time, but rather by different brothers and sisters every week, who go to the pulpit to testify on their faith, or on all kinds of subjects relating to life as a Christian. The service doesn't end at the end of the sacrement meeting, but continues for 2 more hours afterwards in teaching classes and quorum meetings that actually help you understand the finer points of the Gospel, so you can live them and apply them to your everyday life. They provide you with many opportunities to practice through various services and activities so that the whole experience is not an empty weekly occurence like I use to feel when I went to church as a kid. This Church really gives me a feeling like I am working my way back to my Heavenly Father. LIke there really is a purpose to my life. That if I continue down this path I really will become a better man, a better Christian. It helps me understand my Faith, and live it. I find myself wondering what my life might have been if I had discovered this Church at a younger age, instead of wandering in the dark for 2 decades, and falling into some really bad habits. But regardless, I'm here now and for the first time in my life I actually have real hope for my future on earth and in life after death. I pray to God that I will reach Exaltation in His Kingdon.

How I live my faith

For now I'm focusing on rebuilding my Faith and changing my way of life. I'm happy to say that I've taken to reading the various books of Gospel with a ferver. Since I've me t the missionary sisters and they gave me the Book of Mormon in April of 2012, i've read it twice from cover to cover. I've also read the Pearl of Great Price once, the Gospel Principles twice, the Teachings of Georges Albert Smith once. most of the Doctrines and Covenants(as of July 7th 2012 I'm on section 105). I've also started to read the King James version of the Bible(in Genesis now), and all the General conferences online(finished April 1971, 1/2 way through October 1971), and also started the Gospel reference True to the Faith. As I stated earlier, I'm rebuilding my Faith and finding the path of salvation. I have a ways to go yet before I consider myself a real Saint but I can believe that I'll get there. That's a lot more than I had 3 months ago. I try as much as I can to participate in all the Church meetings and lessons, as well as all the activities that I can. I also gratefully accept any chance I have to go out with the missionaries to do home teaching, and I'm looking froward to welcoming the home teachers that have recently been appointed to me. In the end I just hope that I'll be the good servant to the Kingdon that God knows I can be. Other than that I'll let God decide what He would have me do. I finally understand what "His will be done" really means. Now I just have to work on my Faith so I will answer with grace and dilligence whatever the call may be. And I say theese things in the name of my Redeemer and Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen.