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Hi I'm Tilisa Vaka

I'm a Mormon. I grew up in the island of Tonga. i AM ALSO SERVE my mission in montana billings mission in the united states.....

About Me

Malo E Lelei....My name is Tilisa Vaka I am from the best island of the world which is TONGA. I was born and raise there. I am also from a wonderful.. wonderful..parents they taught me the right things to do. I love my family and they love me too. They always support me for all the decision that i make. I am a full time missionary right now. I love its and i know its to be true. I also love swimming i lovE this people here in montana they are the best i'M also enjoying teaching the gospel which i know its so so so true. I LOVE TO BE A MORMON....I KNOW ITS...I LOVE ITS......I LIVE ITS...''' AnD I'm PrOUD To be a pacific islanders and being a tonga citizenship

Why I am a Mormon

Because i know that this church is true. The time that i ask for myself just like what Joseph Smith do is to ask of god for the answer. God shows to me through my feeling that the church of jesus christ of latter day saint is the only true church and its has all the fullness of the gospel. Sometimes we think that its never happen to have an angels visit in this time but i can testify that its all the same the god of yesterday today and tomorrow that our heavenly father loves his children and he always reach out his hand for them to help so is it today. In this church of jesus christ of latter day saint lighten my mind and everythings just make sense for me about the truth. I JUST WANTED TO INVITE ANYONE WHO READ this page to contacted the missionary in the area and ask so many question you have to them i promise you that they will answer its and everything make sense for you and thats the holy ghost testify to you that those things that they teach are true....That why this religion is so dear to my hearts and i am proud to be mormon..

How I live my faith

The way i show my faith is always read the scriptures pray and fast and asking god for more guide through my life and also attend church on sabbath day to partake of the sacrament and remind me of the saviors atonement.I also live my faith by being baptizing and receiving the gift of the holy ghost and endure to the end which is live by the faith and theirs one experience in my life that this faith brings miracles to my life and through faith and knowing that we have heavenly father is there for us and through saviors atonement.In my life theirs so many struggle in my life and i have been so many times asking for a visa to go through to the united states and when i got my calling to serve a mission they call me serve in the states which i know that i already been apply so many times they do not give me a visa by the time i got everything and apply again its gives me the visa to go serve in the states which is a miracle and i am so happy because i always have faith that missionary work is the work of god no man can stop the work from progressing but we will have miracle through our faith.

What is the Law of Chastity?

Tilisa Vaka
As i have been growing up the law of Chastity is mean a lot to my family when i always think about that its helps me every time because looking forward for that blessing that i will have while live by this law of chastity is staying and wait for the right time for me to have a husband in the future. The other things that law of chastity helps me with its that i have more opportunity in my life as a single and worthy daughter of heavenly father. Some how i am happy also because i always have peace and comfort of myself because of live this law of chastity and i know that if we break its theirs always be a ways for us to be forgiven is through the atonement of our savior makes everything possible for us because heavenly father is the lord of mercy. i love my father in heaven and my savior Jesus Christ . Show more Show less

Why is family so important to Mormons?

Tilisa Vaka
I belief that family is so important that we together not only this life but also next life and we may be able to talk more about the way that heavenly father blesses our family the main important things is that family is the way that family should be and everything about this gospel blesses my family so much because we believed that family is the main important unity at the society which teach me a lot at my family the gospel of Jesus Christ which is so amazing for me to growing up in this gospel and they care so much about my family because family is always together forever. I am always thankful that Mormons care for family because i am so happy for my family and i also have faith and good hope that i will be together with my family at the next life. Show more Show less

What is faith?

Tilisa Vaka
Faith is something that i belief i also have faith in my savior Jesus Christ and his atonement i also have faith that this life is the time that we prepare ourself to meet with our father in heaven in the next life and as i know about faith is something that i hope for which i have not seen it but i know its true. I always think of my self that i have great faith in our savior Jesus Christ and his atonement and i also have faith that he came to the earth and atone for my sin so i may be able to repent and endure to the end and have this blessing of eternal life. Show more Show less