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Hi I'm Brianna!

Happiness is a choice, so choose it. I'm the twin of a cancer survivor, a traveler, and a lover of sunsets and rainy days.

About Me

Throughout my life I've really come to realize the fact that we can have joy in any circumstance. Sometimes we think we have to wait until life is perfect. We tell ourselves that we'll be perfectly happy when we get married, or when we buy that car, or when we get that job. We get upset when life isn't everything we imagined it should be. But I've found that joy isn't just the end goal, it's truly the journey. Through the Savior, we can smile through the hardest of days. When I was 16 my twin brother was diagnosed with an aggressive and rare bone cancer. He had a 30% chance of survival. I had a 70% chance of losing my other half, my best friend. We moved to Memphis, where I watched my twin brother endure 9 months of chemotherapy. There were hard days. That's obvious. I watched children die, and I watched children hurt. It broke my heart. But I also learned how merciful the Savior is. Some days it seemed like he was leaving me little love notes and tender mercies to remind me that I wasn't doing this alone. Because of Him, those memories are tainted with joy. Living every day like it was the last, laughing every moment because life is beautiful. Sneaking around the hospital at night taping mustaches to all the paintings. Make life happen, make it beautiful. That's the way it's supposed to be.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because it works. I'm a Mormon because I've seen miracles. I've seen broken hearts be healed, I've seen broken minds be comforted. I've felt joy in the midst of the most crushing sorrow the world has to offer. I'm a Mormon because I love the promise of eternal families, happy endings and better lives. I'm a Mormon because I've seen my life change because of it

How I live my faith

I live my faith by living my life the way I would if the Savior was beside me. I believe 100% in service. Service heals. We get so caught up in ourselves, we forget that we weren't made to think about ourselves all the time. We were made to help one another. I live my faith by loving my family, giving back to my community and everywhere else I go. I live my faith by working in orphanages in Ecuador, fighting to help children with cancer, serving and teaching with the missionaries, studying to get an education so I can become the best I can be. I live my FAITH but living my LIFE the best I can.

How are modesty and chastity related? How can parents teach their children to be modest in dress, language and behavior?

Our thoughts are connected to our actions. They way we dress suggests our thoughts and our intentions should be pure when we consider how we dress and how our choices in dress affect the minds of all those around us. are we uplifting others with our attire? are we expressing our standards with the clothes we choose to wear? are we displaying our bodies for the attention and for the entertainment of others? how we choose to dress will eventually lead to how we choose to act, and also how those around us act Show more Show less